The Whole Nine Yards

Thursday, December 31, 2015

For Dad.

"I think it covers the right amount, and exposes the right amount. It's such a tease and I like teasing." - Vidya Balan on Sarees.

Hey there, 
I'm back with yet another post on LSF, this time about something which I've wanted to share and discuss with you for really long. 
Althroughout the year we have talked a lot about dresses, both Indian and Western and after an exclusive article on Lehengas, 
I believe it is time to talk about the most worn and loved Indian Wear of all time, i.e., the Saree.

Let's first take a look at the Nine Yards that I'm wearing -

The Saree that I'm seen in, has a name like the others and this one is particularly called, the Madhubani Print Saree, because it is entirely printed in Hindu Mythological Figures, like Radha, Krishna and the different festivities associated with them. 
Made in Cotton, Raw Silk or Chiffon, Madhubani Sarees are extremely comfortable. light weight and unique because of their distinctive story-telling pattern of prints.

Inspired by the gown worn in Glamour + Glitter = Gorgeousness, the black blouse helps to create a striking yet mesmerising fusion between the Classical and Contemporary India. 
Much like the 21st century Indian women.

Jhumkas and Ring by Amrapali, the sublime amalgamation of ethnicity with modern fashion has been explicitly explored in the entire ensemble as the male model just lends the finishing touch! 
The bottle green silk satin dhoti along with the silver jewellery gives a rustic, desi look whereas my soft curls mixed with a dash of hot-red lip colour gave a pseudo-urban feel. 

One of my favourite kinds of outfit ever, Sarees are special not only because they are traditional but are also enormously sexy. 
Sarees make a woman look intimidating, intriguing and out-of-the-world beautiful. There is something about the Nine Yards which when draped by a girl makes her look absolutely divine!
It can show off a woman's curves like no other outfit can. Yet at the same time, is totally dignified.

Perhaps that's why Gauri Khan believes that, "....saree makes a woman look sexy and graceful all at the same time."

So let me know what you think about gifting, donning, and strutting in a Saree and I'll see you next year! 

My Saree and Blouse Ensemble - Subhadra by Rahul Pyne
Jewellery - Amrapali
Make-up and Hair - Dhiman Ghosh
Photography and Edit - Saptaswa Basu (Neo Studios) and Argha Das (Join The Dots)

Male Model - Gourab Das
Silk Dhoti - Subhadra
Silver Jewellery - New Market, Calcutta

- Rini.

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