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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Hey fellas,
Hope you all are doing well. The Friendship Day weekend just went by, and I'm sure all of you got time to catch up with your old and new friends. :)

The article, you're about to embark upon is going to be a bit different.
Today, for the first time in LSF, I am going to write a blog that's exclusively based on a designer wear.
Hope you find it interesting and pleasant.

I have always been fond of experimental outfits. Be it a Palazzo or a simple Jumpsuit. I'd always be the first one among my friends to shamelessly wear anything that just hit the shelves. Fashion for me is not just about being comfortable. It is also the perfect amalgamation of new and happening style loaded with sophistication, dazzle and glamour.
To look beautiful, you should not just blindly follow the trend. I believe in creating a trend by going against the existing norms. Completely regardless and fearless of the outcome. Fashion is also about having truckload of courage and never failing to embrace your bold side.

Don't just wear a dress. Make it your second skin and then see yourself conquer!

Today I'd like to present to you the first gown from Rahul Pyne's 'Subhadra' that made me fall in love with bright monochromes once again.

Here's the first look:

And here's one more:

You cannot categorise the colour of the dress by calling it a mere shade of pink. It is not.
The gown is a rare shade of Coral, Peach and Fuchsia Pink; all thrown in the mix and perhaps it is the  perfect combination of such beautiful shades that make the outfit a magnificent one.

The upper part of the dress or simply the torso is delicately wrapped with Net and Sequins and if you notice carefully you'll see how Pyne has enveloped the sequin fabric around the bust in the shape of a lotus petal dipping deep right at the cleavage.

Minutes before entering the shooting floor, Pyne and I started discussing about the gown. 
In matters like clothes, shoes and accessories, I'm a bit like Phoebe Buffay. 
I believe every dress has a story behind it and a darling like this will definitely have one.
 In response to my question, he replied how once a certain Angelina Jolie gown inspired him to go ahead for this one. 
He animatedly explained about the time she wore it at some Red Carpet event in London and how her gown, made of just silver coloured sequin dazzled the event effortlessly.
The dress mesmerised him so much that he thought of creating a gown, entirely with just sequin and net. He planned on giving it a boat neck made of net with sequin fabric attached in and around the breast.

With a three inch sequin belt at the waist followed by chord piping on both sides, the dress falls gracefully all the way to the ankles as the pleated net gives a semi transparent look giving a subtle peek-a-boo to the short skirty thing inside, that ends at the thighs. 

The dress not only makes a diligent fusion of sequin and net fabric. But at the same time it makes a good coupling of single and double (or, simply soft and hard) net.

The dress (as you can see in the picture below) is also backless with a delicate strap tying both the ends.

The net used at the neck of the dress is almost transparent, unlike the rest of the gown which uses hard net to create pleats around the belt and make the gown look vivacious and flowy. (Below)

After the initial sketching and planning which almost took a month. 
It took around 3 days for Pyne and his team to complete the entire gown including all the last minute stitches, changes and touches.

The star attraction of the gown, i.e., the Sequin fabric was brought all the way from Mira Market, Delhi while the designer was able to get hold of the hard net from Burrabazar, Calcutta.

Now, as per my look is concerned. You can see how the designer chose to keep accessorising to the minimum, only giving me a pearl ring, AND ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, with the dress!

The hair stylist curled my hair real nice only to mess it up so that it looked all voluminous and pumped up, The bouncy hairdo falling carelessly on both shoulders made the look perfect for any evening/night occasion, not to forget the matching Miss. Claire Neon Pink lip-gloss that mingled with the dress as if they were meant to be.

A lover of soft pastels, I don't generally go for Smoky-Eyes unless someone literally straps me down with a bomb or keeps me at gunpoint. 
But no sooner did I see the gown I knew things should be dazzling and of course, dramatic. Hence, keeping in mind my paranoia about Smoky Eyes, the make up artist, came up with a brilliant solution. 

He made an amazing amalgamation of Black, Copper Brown and Golden eye-shadow (All from VOV) and gave the eyes a shiny Bronze look. 

With a bit of FEG's Eyelash Enhancer and Maybelline's Hyper Curl Volum Express, the eyes came up beautiful and bright setting the Goregousness Radar too damn high!

The beauty of this dress lies in it's unabashed and unapologetic sense of creating an enigma that designer wears many a times fail to create.

The dress doesn't just dazzle and mesmerise. It seamlessly showcases the other side of you.

A hundred times more eccentric than any other feminine wear, the gown brings out the Exotic in you without even letting you know.

I have written blogs where I diligently mentioned how a particular dress made me feel like a Princess. 
Well, this one doesn't give you the conventional Cinderella feel. 
It reminds you of the quote you've read somewhere on the internet:
"Why be in need of a hero? When YOU can become one." 

A dress as layered, mysterious and capricious as this celebrates a woman's beauty passionately.
It won't let you leave your shoes behind. 
In fact, the gown might just make you; break hearts with the same.

"Baby you're so beautiful
And that's just plain to see
But if you want the world
          I suggest you come with me, come with me...."
                                                                           -  Exotic, Priyanka Chopra. Feat. Pitbull.

Dress: Rahul Pyne.
Pearl Ring: BK Market, Calcutta.
Shoes: Nell.
Make Up and Hair: Bibhas Jana.
Photography and Edit: Saptaswa Basu, Argha Das and Sayak Subhra Kayal.

- Rini.

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