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Friday, August 12, 2016

For Dad.

"Elegance is good taste plus a dash of daring." - Carmel Snow.

I always feel utterly and extremely intrigued by stores that sell clothes so graceful and out-of-the box that it makes you yearn for them. Like literally. 
And Missa More, without a doubt, tops that list. 
What started out as an Instagram/Whatsapp selling shop has a gorgeous website now and the collection is to die for! They are now proud sellers of not just Dresses or Tops but Eye-wears, Bags, Jewellery and so much more. 
So on a random shopping spree, I decided to pay their website a visit when I stumbled upon something called 'The 99 Store' and that's when I met a Maxi-Top that's nothing short of a Closet-Soulmate. Yes, you read that right. It is indeed soulmate-ish at a price you won't even believe. 

But first, let's get it's glimpse, alright?

Known as 'The Asian Connect', this insanely ravishing Maxi-Top is made out of Digitally Printed Lined Silk with Poly Cotton Lining on the inside. 
A careful mixture of Black and Blue, the top is entirely covered with a plethora of Yellow Floral Design, accompanied by a line of loophole buttons on the bust followed by a long slit starting an inch above the navel. 
The top can be worn as a cape or you can simply treat it like a gorgeous gown for very special occasions.
I have created a few looks with the Maxi-Top, by coupling it with different bottoms and accessories. 

Let's take a look at them.

LOOK 1.)

The first look was easy, sassy and the sexiest of all the looks I planned. 
This one actually happened out of nowhere.
 Everytime I browsed through girls wearing this Maxi-Top (and believe me, there are many) I always saw them team it with a pair of denims, so I thought why not give this kind-of ethnic top a western touch! 
And hence, I decided to wear my totally adorable Candie's Shorts with 
a matching pair of 6-inch Heels, 
a Gold Handcuff and,
 last but not the least,
 my favourite Aviators to make the entire ensemble - Bold and absolutely Beautiful!
Now let's browse through the next look.

LOOK 2.)

For Look 2, I replaced the blue shorts with a pair of classic white trousers that traditionally goes great with a dark coloured Maxi-Top like this.
 I also added a Black and Gold Neckpiece to make the appearance a bit fancy, maybe for an evening trip with family. Or a date. You'll look fabulous anyway.

For my hair, I just changed the parting to one side to give more volume so that it accentuates the neck region a bit more.

LOOK 3.)

This look again is extremely simple, graceful and dignified. 
The dress or top (however you wanna put it) is so beautiful that it literally speaks for itself. 

Just wearing it makes one feel so classy and superior that it is needless to wear any accessory at all. I would be perfectly content 'n comfortable wearing the Maxi-Top at any day or evening outing and I am certain that it will be a perfect attire no matter what the occasion. 
Priced at only 599 INR (yes, you read that right again) you'll be able to purchase this from -
 The 99 Store at Missa More's official website. 
Infact, they have a hell lotta offers going on almost all year round and I bought quite a few things along with this one. Will talk about all that later. 

Till then, always remember what Audrey Hepburn once said, 
 'Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.' 
And with something like this, you'll end up being synonymous to the very word.

Maxi-Top - Missa More Clothing.
Blue Shorts - Candie's.
White Trousers - Elfe Jeans.
Shoes - Nell, Jabong.
Aviators - Accessorize.
Handcuff - New Market, Kolkata.
Necklace - Love Shonas Collection, Instagram.
Photography and Retouch - Argha Das (Join the Dots)
Make-up and Hair - Myself.
Collaborated with - Saptaswa Basu (Neo Studios)
Special Thanks - Sayan Mondal.

- Rini.

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