The Wonderful Thing Called Winter!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

For Dad.

Okay. I'll be brutally honest with you folks. I hate Winter. I hate this darn season and everything about it. Being a high maintenance girl who asks for three different kinds of cheese with Subway filling not on the inside but on side, I know how tough I can get sometimes.
But Winter is like that rich spoiled princess who can beat me in that race, left-handed.
I mean what is so good about the season that makes you go all lazy yet compels you to work so hard! As if we girls weren't already taking care of ourselves enough. *sighs*
Anyway, my anger and unadulterated wrath for Winter will go on and on yet the very name of the post suggested something otherwise. Don't you think? 
Well...just like winter has a big list of CONS (atleast to me) I believe it has some PROS too.
Winter, I guess, is one such season that lets you dress just the way you want to, keeping not just your hair but your expensive make-up intact for all day and yes also brings with it some beautiful add-ons to your wardrobe. 

Thus presenting to you, the first Winter Blog on LSF
Hop on.

Now let's get in touch with each look separately, alright?

    LOOK 1.)

Perhaps one of the oldest and most favourite sweater that I treasure. This Annabelle Fluffy Cardigan steals the show because of it's outrageous and experimental neck-cum-bust-line that makes it a show-stopper amongst a big crowd of winter wear. 
Team it up with a soft coloured tank/spaghetti top and a comfy pair of trousers and you're all good to go!
Remember Kareena Kapoor's once really-famous track - 'Maine Koi Jadoo Nahi Kiya...' from the now-forgettable movie 'Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai'? She wore a similar one in Lilac.

   LOOK 2.)

 Yet another fabulous creation by Pantaloons' in house brand Annabelle, this particular piece is beautifully casual in it's own way. 
I got it a year or two after I saw Shahid Kapoor wearing a similar one in the film 'Kismat Konnection' and have been obediently 'connected' with it ever since! Lol.
A light weight cardigan, perfect for breezy afternoons; wear it with short skirts or plain denims and you'll look and feel ecstatic.
The leather belt combined with Christian Dior Inspired Vintage Bridge Glares just make the look even more desirable.
LOOK 3.)

 This UMM half-sleeve turtle neck is like wrapping yourself with a lot of sunshine. 
An absolute delight for any kind of outdoorsy occasion during the day or even evening. 
Wearing this polo neck makes me instantly happy! 
Perhaps it's minimalistic approach towards fashion makes it even more delectable. 
For this look I wore my Accessorize Aviators coupled with my first-ever Michael Kors watch, making the look urban, chic and ultra domineering. Perhaps like a girl version of Christian Grey!
(Yes. You CAN pull off a Grey wearing an Outrageous Yellow too. You just need to wear it right.)

     LOOK 4.)

Made by the house of 109° F and sold at Pantaloons. I have been looking for a sleeveless polo-neck tee-sweater for really long. 
There were a lot of movies in the early 2000s where the actresses would be often seen in cardigans like this one and that would always make me wonder. "How are they pulling it off? Aren't they feeling cold? I mean it's a darn sweater with no sleeves!!!" 
Remember Rani Mukherji sitting pretty-n-cute on the red sofa wearing a sky blue high-neck in the movie 'Mujhse Dosti Karoge!'?

Hence, my insatiable desire of emulating my favourite childhood heroines made me diligently lookout for one such turtle-neck and when I eventually did, I immediately went for it and only after trying the cardigan did I realise that wearing a sleeveless sweater is actually kinda amazing.
Not only it's daring but also supremely stylish.
Apparently it's a big thumbs-up by all major fashion enthusiasts too. 
Hence, for this look I kept the entire ensemble a bit Miami like, now making others wonder... 
"Isn't she cold?" To which I say, "Maybe some people are too hot to feel otherwise!" *wink wink*

At the end of this post, you can safely conclude that my Winter closet is heavily inspired by Pantaloons and Bollywood. 
But they ain't that bad right?
So these are my four most favourite Winter looks. I'll be back with one about Blazers soon. 
Till then, rock the season and make every moment count.
 Party hard and most importantly, don't forget to keep it stylish.
Happy Holidays!

Look 1.) 
Red Sweater - Annabelle, Pantaloons
Ripped Jeans - Alia Bhatt for Jabong
Lilac Tee - Honey
Watch - Michael Kors
Bag - New Market, Kolkata
Shoes - Bonjour Heels by Flipkart
Retro Sun-glass - Lalbazar, Kolkata

Look 2.)
Blue with Black Stripes Cardigan - Annabelle
Black Denims - Lee India
Black Tee - Honey
Bridge Sun-glass - Brand Me Up, Instagram
Belt - Pantaloons

Look 3.)
Yellow Polo-Neck - UMM
Aviators - Accessorize
Handcuff - Love Shonas Collection, Instagram

Look 4.)
Purple Turtle Neck109° F 
Blue Shorts - Candie's
Yellow Sling Bag - Miss Bennett, Jabong

Photography and Retouch - Neo Studios

- Rini.

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