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Thursday, December 03, 2015

For Dad.

"My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue. 
An everlasting vision of the ever-changing view.
A wondrous woven magic in bits of blue and gold.
A tapestry to feel and see, impossible to hold."
                                                         - Carole King.

Since I was a kid, I had been drawn to the world of Fashion like moth to flame. Any outfit that looked beautiful mesmerised me instantly and made me wonder how a person changed  under the influence of certain clothes. 
Though the ironical thing is I am no ways related to Fashion. I never went to a fashion school neither can I draw or sketch dresses.
All I cherished was the pure love for anything that makes a person stand out in the crowd. 
Sometimes, you plan to wear something that's so rare, maybe because of the colours you choose or even the fabric that it's almost impossible to find. 
For me, it's either Sarees or Lehenga. 
The two Indian outfits that I'm crazy obsessed about! 
Online shopping is great. For almost about 90%. For the rest 10. When you're planning to invest in a wear that costs a kidney, I prefer a thorough scouting of all the best shops in town. 
Since Indian wear comes as a natural forte to all our moms, aunts and sisters, I tag them along too.

Today's post is my fourth collaboration with 'Subhadra'.
 A brand that uses its expertise in Pure Indian Wear with so much finesse that you'll feel like owning atleast one for yourself. Another first in LSF, today I share my picture-space with a fellow model colleague, who can also be seen in Subhadra's male ensemble making the entire look very royale and picturesque.

Let's begin.....

A duppata-less entirety, the beauty of  this floral print Lehenga lies in its absolute simplicity fusioned with tonnes of elegance. As you can see in the pictures, the attire was accesorised with only Silver Jewellery that included a thick Maang-Tika, Handcuffs, Heavy Jhumkas and of course, a traditional Rajasthani-style Nose-Ring. 
The blouse is cut extremely deep on both front and back thus creating a sexy and aesthetic look simultaneously.
 The latkans or the knots back on the top just add to it's sheer simplicity.
 Made out of Heavy Georgette and Raw Silk, the materials for the outfit were all brought from Delhi and stitched in Calcutta.

Gourab can be seen wearing a Satin Dhoti with golden embroidery work on waist, self-stitched by Pyne himself. 
In his case as well, the designer strictly adhered to Silver-Oxidised Jewellery on neck, waist and on the turban.
 The amazing thing, however, is, Pyne himself assembled all the pieces of jewellery and made them what you can see in the pictures.

The make up for this blog-post deserves a special mention. For this particular shoot, we consciously gave an effort to recreate Deepika Padukone's Deewani Mastani look from Bajirao Mastani, keeping it almost nude and subtle at the eyes and only highlighting the T-Zone, the Cheek Bones summing up with the lips. 
To create an extra enhancing eye-make up that makes the eye area look fuller and bigger, the Make Up Artist just gave two coats of VOV's Rose Pink Eyeshadow with a tinge of Gold from Faces, Glam On Eyeshadow palette.
There's absolutely no use of any sorts of Liner or Kohl at all. This was infact the first shoot of my entire life, where I had no kohl in my eyes at all.
Just a few dashes of L'Oreal's False Lash Butterfly Mascara along with FEG's Eyelash Enhancers and that was it. The lips were first drawn with Maybelline's Lip Liner - Hollywood Red and then filled in with MAC's Diva
One of the finest experiences of donning an Indian wear, this lehenga is a perfect combination of ethnicity, subtlety and oodles of gorgeousness. 
Just the way an Indian wear should be.

Male Model - Gourab Das
Satin Dhoti and Red Turban - Subhadra by Rahul Pyne
Oxidised Jewellery - New Market, Kolkata

My Lehenga - Subhadra
Jewellery - New Market
Make Up - Dhiman Ghosh
Photography and Edit - Saptaswa Basu (Neo Studios) and Argha Das (Join The Dots)
Assistant - Agnidev Mondal

- Rini.

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