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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

For Dad.

Today I'd like to begin by thanking all you wonderful people out there. The last post, i.e., 'Tropical Malady' has been a great success and it's only because of your unconditional love for LSF that it got such an amazing number of views surpassing several old posts.
I truly believe that it is your love that motivates fashion enthusiasts like me to work a little more harder and bring more and more interesting stuff just for you, so that you're always updated with the up and coming trends.
Hence, after indulging in a week long vacay in the scenic coastal valley of Vishakapatnam, I'm back with yet another interesting addition to both my website and closet. 
Hope you'll like this one too.

Let's go through the pictures first, okay?

For quite sometime, I have been observing the recent yet unusual rise in something called 'Co-ordinates' or simply the 'Co-ords'. 
If you're wondering what it might be, Farlex's Dictionary describes it as "a set of clothes of matching or harmonious colours and designs, suitable for wearing together."
Co-Ords are simple, sassy and quite uncomplicated. 
Whether you're in a lot of rush, or have ample amount of time to dress up, Co-Ords are good enough for keeping your entire look synchronized, edgy and vivacious. 
This particular skirt and blouse Co-Ord by Subhadra, is deliciously distinct mainly because of it's unique combination of colours while the Collar-and-Pleats combo makes the entire outfit outrageously exotic. 
Overall it gives a conventional good-girl vibe yet the tiny glimpse of the waist makes it supremely sexy. 
The buttons at the middle obviously helped a lot.

The floral skirt and blouse reminded me of Bernard Shaw's much loved and admired cockney flower-girl: 'Eliza Doolittle' and how Audrey Hepburn made it look like a dream come true in My Fair Lady

As a kid, most of us are forced to wear Co-Ords that made us look like the dorkiest goof around, but an outfit like this would definitely make a girl want to go back to this again and again!
The mousse finished hair, with a perfect middle-parting was done to give me a Sabyaschi Mukherjee look (not him literally, but the way he makes his models walk the runaway most of the times) keeping all the attention on the flowers that enveloped me from all sides.
I loved the way the Make-up Artist played with my eyes drawing the sides with Orange and Black while he created an enormous pout with the deepest shade of blood-red that he had.

I give a big thumbs-up to Co-Ords 'cause I can say for sure that this isn't going to be my only pair in the closet.
 If you're a bit unsure of finding them at retail stores, get them designed by your own tailor or simply shop online. 
Online Stores like Stalk Buy Love, Koovs and Jabong has a great collection at all prices. 
So go ahead and Co-Ord yourself!

Co-Ord - Subhadra by Rahul Pyne
Make-up and Hair - Arijit Kundu
Photography and Retouch - Snehasish Roy

- Rini.

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