The Velvet Seduction

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

For Dad.

First and foremost, a very happy 2016 to all of you! Hope this new year brings a lot more abundance, in terms of Fashion, Luck and of course - Love for everyone. 
Secondly, a big sorry for being a teensy bit late with my first '16 post. 
I promise to be more swift with even crispier and delectable articles, just for you out there.

Like I mentioned in The Wonderful Thing Called Winter, I'm back with a post on yet another winter wear. 
An outfit women all over the world truly covet and simply love donning whenever the days are windy and nights...umm...full of snow!
Although, Calcutta doesn't let us enjoy the latter.... I still bought this particular outfit for myself simply because I always wanted to have one.

Let's begin....

 This Pure-Velvet Jacket is made by Honey, the in-house brand of Pantaloons.
 I purchased it last year in hope of some truly 'brrrrr' kinda winter but alas....another year goes by and the winter here is upto no good. *sighs*
Still, for the sake of sharing this beautiful piece with ya'll I wore this jacket on one afternoon and strutted around the city, feeling quite majestic! 
Coupled with a red bodycon dress by Honey again, this Velvet Blazer - a perfect wear for Manhattan-Winters kept me really warm, comfy and all loved like a fluffy teddy bear. 
Only this one made me look good too! 
I kept the entire look as simple as possible, opting for my recent favourite pair of Accessorize Aviators, Navy Blue Lavie Clutch and an old but breezy pair of Marie Claire Wedges.

An extremely minimalistic approach towards Fashion, this Blazer can easily be worn during the day or night events. Although I should add that if you're going to wear the jacket during the evening, you can wear a cool pair of skin-fit denims at the bottom and you'll look equally bewitching. 
For any indoorsy ocassion, you can wear a short dress inside and get rid of the jacket for sometime, which you might not feel like considering the amount of comfort it provides.
This thigh-length Velvetty masterpiece allows ample room for layering, which is a big yes when it comes to winter. Team it up with sweaters inside, if it's too cold or simply don it with something light and pretty like I did and you'll be all good to go.

By now, one might wonder the influence Pantaloons has on my Winter closet, which to be honest, I'm actually proud of not only due to their sleek and edgy collection but because I also admire their huge number of in-house brands and of course the wide range of prices, helps too!
This Jacket is available in Black, Grey and Beige and although all three looked equally appealing, the black won me over makes us look lean, mean and way sexier than other colours.

A blazer like this is expensive, but I consider an outfit like this as a pure asset.
So if you're willing to invest in one, don't think twice. 
Give a trial or two and swipe that card straight!

Black Velvet Jacket - Honey, Pantaloons
Red Bodycon Dress - Honey
Blue Bag - Lavie
Aviators - Accessorise, India
Golden Wedges - Marie Claire, Bata

Photography and Retouch - Neo Studios

- Rini.

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