My Latest Obsession - Makeup Revolution Vivid Blush Lacquer!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

For Dad.

"Makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident." - Bobbi Brown.

Creating the perfect look isn't easy. A woman not only has the tough, tough job of selecting the right outfit, but she also has to keep in mind the right pair of shoes, bag, accessories and not to forget the most important thing - Makeup!
Yet guys still wonder why we need time to get dressed. *sighs*
Anyway, Makeup is perhaps the most important aspect in the entire dressing-up routine. Not only do you have to  keep in mind what you're wearing but also the place and occasion you're supposed to go to. A lot of people say that the 'Less is More' mantra should be kept in mind while applying Makeup. And true to that statement I think Makeup is not just art but science as well.

We have palettes full of colours waiting to be filled in a blank canvas, but if we don't know the right amount, technique and style, we might end up spoiling the entire portrait.

Hence, as you can see; my love for Makeup goes way back.
Infact, I have an eternal craze for Lipsticks and have hundreds of them. There is hardly a month that goes by when I don't buy one. But something that caught my fancy quite recently is my love for - Blush Ons. In the last few months, I have purchased as many as Five blush-ons
(including -
The Body Shop Lip/Cheek Stain 03
Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duos
MAC Mineralize Blush - Just a Wisp
Faces Canada - Gold Dust)
with Makeup Revolution London VIVID Blush Lacquer marking the sixth.
(Click here to buy!)

Let's take a look  -

Here are some of the Lacquer shades that you can buy ranging from Heat (at the extreme left) to Oh Boy! (on the right)
And this is the one I bought.  
Shade - Heart. 
It's Light, Peachy and really Subtle.
The bottle's small, airtight, lightweight, easy to carry and comes with a pump nozzle which you'll have to press just once to get a good amount in each go.
Since it's tiny and spillage-free you can give yourself a touch-up anywhere you want. Just take a little dot on one hand and with your ring finger of the other, take the lacquer and gently dab, smudge and blend on your cheeks evenly.
Or if you're more comfortable with brushes, use the Stippling Brush for a finer, patch less look.

The blush is super pigmented and you'll just require a teeny-tiny bit of it. Take the smallest possible amount (perhaps half a pump) and you'll be all good to go! 
Be very careful with the quantity or else you might end up looking clownish and patchy.
Even Makeup Revolution suggests that a small dot goes a long way...

So this was how it looked when I tested the shade on my wrist.
Now, let us now go through the pictures.

On my Eyes:

Makeup for me is all about exploring and experimenting. 
As soon as I got hold of the pump bottle, I immediately tried it out on my eyelids to see how the colour spreads. Although the blush is pigmented and thick, the shade is quite light. 
Hence I had to apply two coats on each eye and then I decided to add a little shimmer (from MAC) on top to give the eyes a glossy, rich sheen. 
The Liner and Mascara (both from Maybelline) just added the remaining finesse.

On Lips:

Beside Eyes or Cheeks, the best thing you can use your Blush-On for is on the Lips. The balmy dewy colour glides evenly on the first touch giving full opacity and coverage. 
Although it might have a tendency to chap your lips, you can add your Lip Balm on top to give a glossy and fresh look.

After making an outline of my lips with Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Liner - Stellar Pink,
I used a lipstick brush to apply two to three thick coats of the Blush-on, then smudged it with a tiny bit of  Baby Lips - Raspberry.

Finally.....on the Cheeks:

This time I upped the colours on my eyes and lips a bit and added the much talked about Silicon based cream Blush Lacquer and within a couple of seconds, I could feel my skin endowed with a natural peachy-glow. 
My face looked even brighter, with a soft balmy look highlighting my jaws effortlessly and of course beautifully.
One of the best things of the blush on is it's innate ability to stay for hours
Even in a humid area like Calcutta, it is perfectly visible for over six hours without any touch-ups at all.
You can apply it on top of your base coat or before applying the primer, but it will stay for at-least three to four hours considering it's high pigmentation and thickness.

The Vivid Blush Lacquer is widely available and is one of the best blush-ons I've ever used.
It is pocket friendly,
wonderfully intensive,
gives a great coverage
 has tonnes of shades for you to choose from.
For Indian girls with sun-kissed complexion, I'd say Heat, Bloom and Heart goes really well.

I got this from Amazon at 500 INR (discounted price).
You can also buy it from Jabong, Snapdeal, Nykaa and other online or retail stores.
Now go ahead and try it!
Looking fantastic has never been this easy.

Top - Metro Plaza, Kolkata
Jeans -  Levis Strauss
Watch - Fastrack
Earrings- Lotus Mall, Pattaya

Photography and Edit - Neo Studios

Makeup and Hair - Me

- Rini.

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