Sometimes a Fantasy

Monday, June 13, 2016

For Dad.

"Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It's a way of understanding it." - Lloyd Alexander.

I love gowns. I have atleast a hundred of them, LSF already has quite a few blog-posts written about them and I am quite certain that in the nearest possible future, half my money will be spent on buying even more of such dresses.
*not even a little bit worried*
Gowns are, without a doubt, pretty awesome! They make us girls, look super gorgeous, extremely fetching and oh-so-charming.

But not all gowns are filled with 'fantasy' - a classy cocktail made with oodles of sex-appeal, imagination, romance and passion.

Today's post is about one such 'fantasy'.
Here's presenting my first collaboration with a wonderful Bombay based boutique shop - 'The Closet of Happiness.'

Let's begin....

Made out of Chiffon, Polyamide Cotton and Lace
This salmon coloured patchwork gown is not only brilliant but it also carries a certain promise to make any woman look drop dead gorgeous. *winks*
An appealing yet appropriately cut V-neck at the front aided by a dangerously plunging one at the back makes the dress utterly and completely bewitching!
What I love about such gowns is the fact that you can never overdo with these kind of dresses. Once you don it, you'll feel complete. 

There's hardly any need to accessorise (I only wore a crystal bracelet along with  heart-shaped pink stud earrings),
You can easily soften up your make-up and hairdo,
 If you aren't a big fan of heels (like me), you can just not wear them - the gown's huge flow will hide the shoes anyway and you'll look fine.

Gowns are a treasure, and this pretty-as-a-picture dress is a definite all-rounder.

Let's see some more...

I opted for Professional Make-up before this shoot to create the natural look that you see in the pictures. 
The Make-up's bright and resplendent but it's soft, subtle and full of grace.
It was my idea to keep the hair straight and flowy, but the hair-stylist took things up a notch and tied a thin braid before pinning it on one side of the head like a rose. And that was undoubtedly my favourite part about the entire hairdo. 
She also gave a little volume to the hair so that it doesn't look limp or flat.

The make-up was kept so natural that only the Red (Rose Passion by Revlon) in the lips were given a little attention and that was all!

Anyway, this gown, needless to say, is spectacular. 
The colour's great, 
it fits you right, 
there will hardly be any hole in your pocket when you buy it. 
Trust me, it's way less than you'll expect.

Shopping's the best form of exercise, and every once in a while you'll come across some unique shops that'll give you something so magnificent that you'll end up walking right into a fantasy. 

My advice? Give these boutique shops a chance. They are worth your every penny.
'Cause whenever I wear this dress, I remember what Laini Taylor wrote in her book, 'Daughter of Smoke and Bone' - 
"She tastes like nectar and salt.
Nectar and salt and apples.
Pollen and stars and hinges.
She tastes like fairy tales.
Swan maiden at midnight.
Cream on the tip of a fox's tongue.
She tastes like hope."

Patchwork Gown - The Closet of Happiness, Instagram (@theclosetofhappiness1)
Accessories - Simpark Mall, New Market, Kolkata
Make-up and Hair - Naseeb Hossain and Tina Mukherjee (Navya)
Photography and Edit - Saptaswa Basu (Neo Studios) and Sayak Subhra Kayal (Viewfinder)

- Rini.

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