The Golden Soirée

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

For Dad.

"Elegance is the only beauty that never fades." - Audrey Hepburn.

The blog-post "Tropical Malady ~ Passion"  has been like a milestone to me. It was for the first time I was attempting to write on something new, quintessential yet refreshing and brilliant.
Ever since then a lot of friends have asked me to add one or two more articles that would highlight a couple of Wedding Attires for Women. Hence, I added one in my #OOTD Section (which you can visit by clicking right here) and today I bring to you one entire post just about it.
Here's presenting my first collaboration with Vastra by Jiku Roy featuring the Golden Brocade Lehenga Adorned with Pearl Jewellery.

Let's begin....

The Golden Blouse is made out of Brocade with soft cotton lining and silicon cups fitted on the inside. It has a deep U-cut at the back with one big knot in the middle. 
The bottom of the Lehenga uses three kinds of fabric - hard net with pleats (on the outside), sequins (stitched on the top and bottom edges) and synthetic lining on the inside. Although a simple one, the beauty of the Lehenga lies in it's minimalistic and effortless elegance. The combination of gold and white not only makes it an unusual ensemble, but also makes it a delight to wear in any of the wedding-adjacent days.

In terms of accessories, the designer gave me a traditional Maharashtrian Nath or Nose Ring (you can buy a similar one by clicking right here), a set of Pearl Bangles sandwiched between two thick Gold Bracelets and a seven layered Pearl Kamarbund or Waist Chain (click here). The make-up was done in contrast to the Gold and White theme adding hues of Red, Violet and Black to enhance the overall subtle look.
Every ethnic and traditional wear, I believe has a story of it's own. 
This one is infused with oodles of panache, sex-appeal and elan. The ensemble might not be too bright or loaded with colours, but there is something so beautiful about the entirety that you'll end up falling for it as soon as you wear it.
Just keep in mind, whether you are the bride or a friend, weddings are not just about looking gorgeous, it's also about striking the right balance between conventional and contemporary fashion. And with something as subtle as this, you can certainly do no wrong!

Lehenga - Vastra by Jiku Roy
Jewellery - Designer's Own
Make-up and Hair - Babusona Saha
Photography and Retouch - Argha Das (Join the Dots) and Saptaswa Basu (Neo Studios)
Shot at - AP Studios, Kolkata

- Rini.

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