Once upon a Summer

Sunday, April 10, 2016

For Dad.

"Spring is the time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade." - Charles Dickens.

Spring. The season of flowers, bunnies, butterflies and buzzing bees is the best.
Everything looks bright,  exceptionally charming and the wonderful amalgamation of winter's last phase with summer's beginning just makes it perfect.
Sadly, India being a majorly tropical country, doesn't get to experience it for long. We hardly have spring for a week or two when summer attacks us; like a boss, bashing us right and left with it's heat, humidity, stupidity and what not. So I thought why not put up an article and write about what we girls can choose to wear this summer, so that the weather's not the only thing that's fiery.

Every woman, regardless of style, fashion choice or age love a good ol' Floral Dress.
It is the perfect spring look, and the most comfortable thing that you can wrap yourself with in the scorching, sunny summer days. 

Let's take a peek.

Flowers; printed/stitched/pasted on an outfit, make everything so damn right that it will always be one of the most important aspects of Fashion.

I have created three easy-peasy looks with three very different kinds of floral dresses.
Let's scroll, shall we?

LOOK 1.)

I got this dress on a special 'Buy 1 Get 1' deal in a website called Tidebuy.
Tidebuy is an international website with global shipping facilities and although they take a little time to deliver your dresses, the online store has a pretty good collection and yes, you might easily end up loving and even owning half their stuff.
After doing a few clicks wearing just the bracelet, I decided to add my Pearl Neckpiece
which I got a couple of months earlier from Amazon India (You can get it right here) and the pearls, without a doubt, matched brilliantly with the off-white floral dress.

LOOK 2.)

This one is a very favourite dress of mine and that's why I styled it in two slightly different ways. First I decided to go for a Vintage Charm Choker-neckpiece giving a hint of 'Holidaying in the beaches of Goa' look and then I took it off and pinned two roses on my hair that made the entirety completely 'au-naturel'.
Purchased a year and half ago, this red and white floral dress is one of the signature creations by Pantaloons' in house brand Honey.
Made for their Spring/Summer Collection, the dress was priced only at 899 INR and is one of my most amazing buys ever.

LOOK 3.)


Manufactured by Vastrasutra, this pure cotton floral piece is sold by Amazon India. (You can get it right here.)
Strappy, blue and beautiful. This dress is priced at 699 INR only. With this I just teamed one big pink rose and that was it. Even my Elliza Donatein-slash-Marie Claire bellies weren't necessary.

Floral Dresses are classy, widely available, pocket-friendly, comfortable like crazy and yeah half the time they are made of cotton which lets you and your skin breathe in peace.
Quintessentially, made to be worn in spring and summer, you can easily don one in monsoon, fall and maybe layer it with a soft cardigan, sassy jacket (leather or not), or a mismatched (but carefully contrasted) floral shrug in the winter too.
There are a zillion ways to wear a floral dress.
You can go completely without accessories or maybe opt for a little Retro and pair your dress with awesome shades, vintage neckpieces, big hoopy earrings or thick handcuffs.
You can also match it with a flower tiara or pin a flower on one side of the head like me.

Team your dress with heels, wedges or bellies and you'll look just fine.
For bags (although I didn't do them on purpose this time, since I was going for the flower-child look) you can carry single-coloured clutches to fringed sling bags and even carry trendy box-bags.
In case you've chosen a big pastel coloured handbag, with a short floral dress - match your ensemble with a scarf, or a subtle stole and you'll just rock the summer!

Look 1.)
Dress - Tidebuy
Pearl Necklace - Amazon India
Bracelet - New Market, Calcutta
Shoes - Elliza Donatein

Look 2.)
Dress - Honey, Pantaloons
Vintage Charm Necklace - Bombay Shopping, Instagram
Flowers - Photographer's own

Look 3.)
Dress - Amazon India
Flower - Photographer's own

Make-up and Hair - Tina Mukherjee and Naseeb Hossain (Navya)
Photography and Edit  - Sayak Subhra Kayal (Viewfinder) and Saptaswa Basu (Neo Studios)

- Rini.

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