Earcuffs... In or Out?

Saturday, July 11, 2015

They say it's a woman's world. And why not? The universe has indeed designed two different kinds of world right here on earth where one is constantly teeming and bursting with new styles and fashion for women and the other one is making the opposite sex go gaga for them.
Every single day we girls are given hundreds...sorry thousands of options from clothing to shoes to accessories and what not to make ourselves look pretty and feel beautiful inside-out.
The thing is, although we would really like to shop till the last drop of blood or money (whatever pays the bill), we shouldn't.
The idea is to shop smart and not get fooled by whatever eludes our eyes, which is, sadly, almost everything.
So after blabbering about relationships for months, and taking a hiatus for almost a year, I and my honour-worthy blog is back for all you women out there.

"So wing your eyeliner.
Paint your nails black.
Chin up.
You got this.
You fucking own this."

Today I'd like to begin with earcuffs. If you're a woman and you aren't aware of it, (you should actually) earcuffs are a specially designed piece of earring that hugs the upper part of your ear. They are usually big in sizes so they can come in singles or as pairs, like usual earrings. The speciality of earcuffs is, its makes you look different, appearance wise and is quite distinct in comparison to normal earrings which more often than not hide behind our long tresses. You can team up earcuffs with anything. And I mean literally anything. From evening gowns to cocktail dresses to sarees...anything goes with these wonderful babies.
So when I saw the trend catching up, I made myself order some gorg pieces online. Here are some of them.
This is a golden long tassel earcuff that reaches nearly till the bust line!
Its a beautiful one piece earcuff.
You can wear it in any ear and it makes your neck look taller and your appearance distinct.
Here's one more:

Nice, ain't it?

If you are looking for something less dramatic, then you can go for something like this:
Trendy, classy and subtle. This pearl earcuff is for all those who want to look pretty n chic. Goes with most kinds of dresses. Try a gold handcuff with it and you're all good to go. 

Now there are plenty of cuffs which come in pairs. And I bought one of them which can be used in two ways. Here's the first way of wearing it.
Not feeling like cuffing your ears? Then just let them dangle! Flaunt those babies with aplomb and look like a diva.
Or just lift it up and let it caress your ears.

Earcuffs are absolutely wonderful. The only CON however is, they freaking hurt your ears a lot. Since a lot of metal or stones are loaded in each piece, they tend to get heavy and it kinda puts pressure on your ears. Especially on the upper part where the cuffs teeth on the tender cartilage. 
But except for this tiny hitch, earcuffs are fantabulous and they are here to stay!
So I would say they are undoubtedly in. :) 
Priced around 300 and onwards.
You can get amazing, reasonably priced earcuffs at Junglee.Com, Amazon.In and Jabong.Com
Or if you're a regular Instagrammer like me then try out the accessories stores and you can bump onto some pretty great stuff. And anyways, flea markets near your place are always the safest and easiest option. Now go. Have fun trying them!

Photo Courtesy: Myself and My Sony Xperia M2 :)

- Rini.

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