Playing with Palazzos - Part I

Sunday, November 15, 2015

For Dad.

"As I grew older, I realised that it was much better to insist on the genuine forms of nature for simplicity is the greatest adornment of art." - Albrecht Durer.

Much like the German painter, I too believe that the simplest things create the greatest wonder and they are the ones which are closest to our hearts. 
Many a times I have written about grand and beautiful dresses that'll make one look and feel like a sheer queen. 
This post, however, is not one of them. 
Today I am not just going to review the brands that I'm wearing, I'll also talk about some extremely personal outfits of mine, taking you through things that I love and feel the most comfortable in. This article is all about the simplicity that we crave, every once in a while, when we want to step out of the house being just ourselves and nothing else.
Today, let us put aside glamour and grandeur and embrace the unabashed beauty of innocence.

Here's the first glimpse:

LOOK 1.)

Many of you must be aware of my trousers, but for all those who aren't;
Wikipedia describes Palazzo Pants (or simply the Palazzo) as,
 "long women's trousers cut with a loose, extremely wide leg that flares out from the waist."
An ideal wear for the summer days, Palazzos are tight on waist and loose on legs, making it extremely comfortable to don in hot and humid weather. 
A lot of people find Palazzos similar to Long Skirts, as they both tend to look flattering in light, 
are made with flowing fabrics, 
printed with endearing, colourful designs 
and are high on the comfortability-quotient. 
Palazzos are just cut into trousers unlike skirts which aren't.
The Palazzo that I'm seen wearing is by the brand - Candie's and is made out of Silk Crepe that makes it both loose and thigh hugging at the same time. 
The multi-coloured flower design dominated by Blue on an all White background makes it a breezy daytime wear where your legs get ample room to breathe unlike Skinny Jeans that we wear for most of the time, nearly suffocating half our calf muscles.


Palazzos go well with almost all kinds of tops, (especially the ones in solid, singular colour so that  the attention is more at the bottom) and hence for the shoot I decided to go for a Crisp White Corset Top that can be worn both with sleeves or off-shoulder style. 
I went for a Pseudo-Bohemian look opting for a Silver Coin Neckpiece from Jabong that made the ensemble feel gypsy-like and uninhibited. 
The Gold Checkerboard Handcuff and my Signature Piece metal band Fastrack watch gave me an urban chic appearance while Catwalk's pretty, feminine heels acted as the perfect cherry on top!



In Look 2A and B, I got rid of the neckpiece and added a couple of things - a tropical print scarf that goes too well with the Palazzo, 
a multi-coloured stone ring,
 a pair of Pink double-trouble earrings 
that accentuated the pink quotient to a great deal. 
I also replaced the handcuff to a thinner blackish grey metal bracelet keeping the attention a bit low-key on my arms and more around the shoulder and of course the pants.


Although every purchase is special, not everytime you can go out in OTT outfits.
Sometimes all we need is a bit of something that's loaded with simplicity and promises oodles of comfort. Say when you're in a lot of hurry or maybe in the mood to wear something that doesn't take much time to assemble.
 In my case, I grab whatever is within my reach in the cupboard and off I go.
The beauty of the Palazzo lies in it's gorgeous and enticing tropical print that drew me towards it and eventually made me head towards the bill counter.
The soothing floral print has always been an easy favorite and this Palazzo gives out a  promising fun-n-flirtatious vibe that's far from being OTT and is a great wear for lunch dates,
official meetings
and breezy family gatherings too.
You can team it up with a floral scarf or retro ala Zeenat Aman glares or simply wear a boho necklace like I did in Look 1.
Because when you're Playing with Comfort, Ease and Simplicity, you know your game is far better than the others.

Palazzo - Candie's
Corset - Talking Threads, Kolkata
Silver Coin Neckpiece - Jabong
Golden Handcuff - New Market, Kolkata
Watch - Fastrack
Pink Double Trouble Earrings - Amazon India
Black Bracelet - Pantaloons, Kolkata
Stone-Studded Ring - Pantaloons, Kolkata
Retro Sunglasses - Lalbazar, Kolkata
Floral Scarf - Shreeram Arcade
Shoes - Catwalk

Photo and Edit Courtesy - Neo Studios

- Rini.

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