The Dream Girl

Sunday, August 09, 2015

"A bard's a Dream Girl.
     A lake's a Dream Girl."
When the legendary Kishore Kumar sang these very lines in 1977, little did he know that his words would resonate till now....

Since I was a kid I knew that the word 'Dream Girl' was synonymous to just one person.
The evergreen, ever fantastic - Hema Malini. 
And true to it's meaning, she looked, talked and performed like the most wonderful dream to ever grace the silver screen.

So what or rather who is a 'Dream Girl?' I wondered out loud while penning down the article when Urban Dictionary came with up something like this:

A dream girl is this young, vivacious woman whose beauty doesn't just lie in her appearance. Yes, she is definitely gorgeous but she's also fiercely independent. She shares your common interests, is fun to be with, she's extremely outgoing, mind-blowing in bed, good with kids and animals, is respectful, educated, has the capability to have her own job, etc. etc. She is the girl every man wants and seldom gets. She's someone for whom you would give up being a player and put that ring on her finger.
Phew. Quite a description don't you think? Now regarding the academic or culinary prowess of a person I don't think others are much in control. 
But when the question of an individual's outward appearance is concerned. Yes, that can be taken care of. 
I might turn sound like the shallowest person in the world right now, but believe you me, if you dress well enough;
you might just transform yourself into someone's most-awaited girl and that too within a fraction of seconds. 
After all, when we come across a person for the first time, all we see (and secretly judge) is his/her looks while the rest of the qualities still lurk around lazily in the back.
[For more on this subject, click here:]

Today's article is my second collaboration with Rahul Pyne'sSubhadra.

Here you go....

The crisp white gown, you saw above, is made with only two kinds of fabric:
Raw Silk and Soft White Net.
The raw silk is, basically, the infrastructure of the entire dress while the flamboyant and delicate net wraps most of it, making the gown look more fuller and prettier.
The upper part or simply the blouse is made in corset-cutting while the under bust-line is made in the classic conventional gown-cut style with multiple pleats stitched in, at the waist followed by a dreamy fall at the bottom.
The corset is made out of just raw silk and so is the inner lining; which is then covered and enveloped with layers and layers of soft net, giving the dress a vibrant, dainty as well as a wild Disney princess feel.

After zeroing in, on the final look of the gown on paper for nearly three weeks; 
it took around five days to complete the entire dress, as Pyne did the master cutting while his team of tailors finished rest of the stitches. 
For the raw materials, he did an extensive scouting all throughout 
the length and breadth of Calcutta and finally decided to shop at Nandaram Market in Burrabazar and at the wholesale shops at Shyambazar in Central and North Calcutta, respectively.
Although initially designed as a traditional Christian Wedding Gown, Pyne believes in using the dress for creating unconventional looks too. 
Hence, he came up with the idea of slitting the dress on one side, that allowed one of my legs to become visible till the thigh level. 
The sheer simplicity of the dress combined with the right amount of sex-appeal makes it a perfect child of both innocence and courage. The key ingredients of a Dream Girl.

With absolutely zero accessory, Pyne and the Make up artist gave me just a pair of Silver Stone-Studded Stilettos, (which was also taken off during the shoot, thanks to all the photographers. Sigh!) 
along with a bunch of gorgeous Red Velvet Roses, clipped on one side of my head which brilliantly enhanced and intensified the entire look, style and feel of the dress.
The roses sat down, with so much ease and panache that it felt like, they were already a part of me.
They were pinned; as if to never come down.
The already existing naturalness of the white gown was coupled with the beauty of the roses so wonderfully that it felt like; they were married in Heaven. Sheer 'fashion-heaven'.

With loosely-braided hair, 
minimal make up, 
nude lips 
and thinly drawn cat-eyes, 
both the designer and the make-up artist focussed on sharpening my already prominent jaw-line along with the nose that made me look unusually bold, dauntless and honestly, a bit Caucasian too.

This is by far one of the most awesome shoots I have ever done in my life and undoubtedly the best look I have ever donned. 
For me this is the ultimate Dream Girl look. Just focussing on your primal self and bringing out the best in you is not easy. 
It takes a lot of courage and an indomitable will power.
Covering yourself up with branded shoes, clothes and accessories is the least challenging thing to do, what's tough is to lose all of them and still be able to mesmerise the world. 
The true achievement of a Girl, who is nothing short of a Magnificent Dream herself, can make any guy fall for her. Effortlessly.
All she needs to do is, be what she really believes in. 
For all the wonderful girls out there, remember just one thing: 
"You, and nothing but YOU, make yourself beautiful." 

Combine that with the right amount of glamour and... 
 You're the most amazing Dream Girl ever.

Styling: Rahul Pyne. [SUBHADRA]
Make-up and Hair: Arijit Kundu.
Red Roses: Shyambazar, Kolkata.
Shoes: Roish Shoes, Flipkart.
Photo and Edit Courtesy: Neo Studios.
Special Thanks: Sayak Subhra Kayal and Subhankar Saren.

- Rini.

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