Love at first dreadfully delusional is it?

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Let's forget about love for a second and concentrate on two things highly associated with it. Lust and Sex. No matter how much you cringe on hearing these words, publicly, you just can't deny to yourself that you need much as we all do. 
The word 'love' is so highly debated and discussed that after 12 blogs I'm bored as hell. Now let's pep up things a little. Let's talk about the Forbidden Fruit and how it makes us dance like puppets every now and then. 
Everytime we look at a know in that way (wink!) we all think about three things:
1.) How does he/she look?
          2.) How will he/she look naked?
        3.)How will he/she look naked with you?
The process however works way too fast for men in comparison to women but we do reach there and the people who pass the threshold of the first category only makes it to the last for men, almost every women they lure at makes it to the third category unlike women who have a strict filtering procedure. 
The very important factor in immediate screening of a person is based only on his/her appearance and quite ironically not much on money or any other legitimate factor. Finance comes a little later. First comes fuck. From my own experience I can say that all my guy friends....whenever given the opportunity to drool over girls at public places make it an agenda to stretch the matter to sex. And just sex. No matter what.
 For instance, "Look at that girl, I'm sure she's great in bed." or "Did you see the ass on her???" or maybe..... "My god what boobies...I hope they are real!!!!" And some decent docile ones(remember the ones who shag the most) would despise the formers universally, "Will you guys just shut up, already? What is the matter with you??? Staring at her breasts like that...offensive, she's someone's daughter...."blah blah blah. However, these men who call boobs as breasts are plain gay in our eyes....and the ones who behave like pervie-perversons are well...simply perverts. I have no better way to honor them. So whom do we eventually like? (Assuming there are just two categories.) The thing is....women go with whatever they find intimidating. You can be bald, but if that's what Miss X wants you're good to go. Women all over the world are well acquainted with the fact that men are somewhat perverts in general. All of them. Even George Clooney falls in that list. So it's better to let at-least a lesser one among them stick it to you rather than remain unsticked for 'damn' ever.....
Now let us move on to the ways women gape at men....again from my own personal experiences, here are some bits and excerpts, "Oh his butt...I could just hold them in my hands for a looong time...." or "He has dimples and look how they compliment his eyes, my god I'm sure he's great in bed...I mean he has to...." or                                                                                                             "The muscles are so damn sexy...I just want him to pin me down on the bed and do so many things to me....." or "Well...he's nearing 40s??? I would love to date men with experiences, would treat me great." or, "My friend-with-benefits, had eight girlfriends you know, and in bed, his experience does all the talking." So we are not very gangajal ki dhuli either.
The concept of falling-in-love hence revolves around those few lucky moments of pure, unadulterated physical and psychological pleasure and trust me, we humans are ready to go to any lengths in order to achieve them. Love at first sight is shit. Period. There's no point in arguing about that. What is worth arguing though, is the probability to fall for a person later on, who is physically very appealing to us at first sight. In a majority of cases, the first impression is the last impression, but sometimes we do stumble upon quite a few people who makes us breathe harder and faster, at-least literally.
I think love at first sight is so highly delusional because of only one factor, that is.... Looks! I may be a George Costanza(Remember Jason Alexander's character in Seinfeld?)  but my wants and desires can be of a Mila Kunis. See, the basic malfunctioning of a human mind lies in his/her inability to judge oneself. We are in our own eyes, perfect. Or at-least, better than the ones around. There can be nothing wrong with the deviated septum that we call a nose, or the mountain of pimples which we call a face or maybe the field of hay we sadly call hair. This is where our system fails. The entire system actually.
We would have been able to find love at it's very first sight but we'll never be able to because of the superior falsified place where we keep ourselves since no one else does. In short, I feel that in-spite of being the most intelligent race, we are somehow still the same pathetic primitive apes who prioritise on sex more than the abstract things of life which are just kept restricted and fictionalised within the boundaries of poetry, songs and well...a few words. It would have been better if we were a little like the penguins or lobsters. Atleast, we would have mated for life! There may not have been love at first sight, but there surely would have been a long-lasting life of companionship which is not pillarised and conceptualised on fuck. 

P.S. - I really do wish it begins to exist some day. There's nothing harm in experiencing what we see in movies so know, the guitars, the drama, the slo-mo la la la la la.....the aww moments.....*DEEP SIGH*
Well...till then,what can I say? Keep f*****g and Happy Judging!

Rini Ghosh.

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