Let's Go...to the Mall!

Friday, August 28, 2015

"Come on Jessica, come on Tori,
Let's go to the mall, you won't be sorry
Put on your jelly bracelets
And your cool graffiti coat
At the mall, having fun is what it's all about...."

When Robin Sparkles sang these very lines back in her college days, I'm pretty sure she didn't realise that the significance and impact of Shopping Malls will simply double, a decade later.

True to her words, Malls are the coolest and perhaps the greatest places of amusement available at any given city and visiting our favourite malls periodically is almost like a routine to us.

Be it window shopping at the over priced branded stores with our girlfriends,
    the occasional book buying at Oxford, 
        the tiresome grocery shopping with sister or mom or even.... 
        the usual hangout at the food court beside the long queues at KFC and McD. 
              Shopping, loitering and having fun at malls are the most vanilla thing that we usually do.
All of us are so familiar to the fabulously designed shopping centres in our respective cities that we can literally find our way to the Parking lot even if someone leaves us blind-folded!
The familiar smell, 
the sophisticated brands, 
the endless discount seasons, 
the secret make-out zones, 
the multiplexes, 
the prim and proper restrooms 
and even the security personnel...
we know them all too well and roaming around aimlessly at the malls is like wearing an old pair of denims.
You know it's the most comfortable outfit and hence, there's nothing wrong about it.

Today's blog is based on one such random visit to Calcutta's extremely popular Shopping Destination and how I dressed myself out there.

Let's start scrolling.

          One of the sexiest tops ever, this Maysa creation is designed all in white with Cotton Polyamide Net and Satin. This top has a prominently deep U-cut back with three-quarter sleeves that tug at your arms comfortably without creating any dangly or loose ends.
Like seen in the pictures, the top is semi-transparent with the Satin lining covering just the bust area and a bit at the back as the pleats fall beautifully around the navel.
The top isn't just delicate and dainty. It's unbelievably sexy... perfect for both day and evening events.

Although understated in an obvious sort of way, the white net top is devastatingly stylish right from it's peplum style cut at the front to the single strapped U-cut at the back.
The material of the top is excessively soft and gentle as it falls beautifully against your curves while the semi-transparent look does a peek-a-boo with your waist and hips making it a graceful wear for both day or night dates!
Infact, everything about the outfit makes it a perfect wear during the hot and humid months.
With a pair of Sapphire Blue Denims and Black Wedge Heels, 
I completed the entire Shop-In-The-Evening-Look with utmost ease and panache.

Of course, the big Golden Rose Neckpiece and the Stripped Bag helped making the ultimate style statement, not to forget the Playboy watch whose black and white combination sits with the entire appearance marvellously, and that too without overdoing anything.

So this was how I put-together a particular look of mine during one such random visit to a nearby mall. 
Not too much but definitely not too little.
Just because a mall is a gone-to-death familiar place, it certainly doesn't require you to go dressed like an imbecile hippie, wearing something less worthy than a gunny sack. 
But you shouldn't over dress yourself either. Going OTT at Malls is just not the option. 
And even though Robin's song sounds cool, we definitely cannot wear Jelly Bracelets or Graffiti Coats and not be judged by Fashion-Worshippers.
Thus, the easiest tip to remember while dressing yourself for a Mall hangout? 
Always wear something that you'd wear on the second or third date. 
You don't have the pressure of making the first impression but you don't lose hope either.

Shopping Mall - South City, Kolkata
White Top - Maysa, Myntra
Rose Neck-piece - Pep My Persona, Instagram
Blue Trousers - Jealous 21, Pantaloons
Watch - Playboy, Jabong
Shoes - Marie Claire
Bag - BK Market, Kolkata

Photo and Edit Courtesy -    

'Let's Go To The Mall' by Robin Sparkles (Cobie Smulders) feat. Ursa Major & S.I.R.

- Rini.

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