Jumpsuits... Hot or Not?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A year or so ago, when my family and I went for a holiday trip to Thailand, I single handedly, took up the onus of religiously visiting all the malls that were in and around the vicinity of Bangkok, Pattaya and Chiang Mai.
Be it the Indra Square in Bangkok, Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center in Chiang Mai or the Royal Garden Plaza and Central Centre in Pattaya, 
I scouted a hell lot of shopping destinations looking for stuff that were yet to arrive in India. 
It was then when I came across, --"Jumpsuits!!!"

Now what's a Jumpsuit, you ask?

Well... Google defines Jumpsuit as,
 "a garment incorporating trousers and a sleeved top in one piece, worn as a fashion item, protective garment, or uniform."

Although originally worn by Parachuters, Astronauts or even Formula One drivers, to insulate their bodies from the extremities of temperature, and other stuff; the Jumpsuit has slowly but steadily penetrated right inside the fabric of the Fashion Industry as it's easy-going style is appreciated and hence, worn by many.

If you follow American movies or even TV Shows, you might come across Orange or Beige coloured uniforms worn by the prisoners and those my friends are what we can call - a classic example of a Jumpsuit. 

Take a look.

See all the lovely ladies, above? 
All of them can be seen wearing Jumpsuits. 
And since this show (that goes by the name of, 'Orange is the New Black') is my recent favourite,
I couldn't come up with a post that's more ridiculously apt than this one. 

    Yup. "Every sentence is a story", and so is every outfit. 
Hence, today's story is about the Mint Richie Jumpsuit that I recently shopped from Stalk Buy Love.

Here you go....

Made out of Polyester Crepe and Cotton Polyamide Net
The lining of the Jumpsuit is made with Knit Cotton Spandex and as you can see in the pictures above,
 the tri-colour combination of the Jumpsuit includes, Fresh Minty Green at the bottom coupled with a pleasant yet 'unlikely' synchronisation of Whitish and Dark Grey on top.
Designed with lined bodice, the Jumpsuit has multiple pleats along with pockets on both sides in the front, and a long zip fastening at the back.

Stalk Buy Love defines the Jumpsuit by calling it as an outfit that "looks very classy and refreshing....
And honestly I don't disagree. 
Since my first Jumpsuit which I bought during that tour, I have purchased around seven differently styled and coloured,
and almost all sorts of Jumpsuits available, 
from both online and offline stores in India but believe me when I say this....
I have practically, literally and figuratively never encountered a piece like this ever before.

The most amazing thing about the Jumpsuit is it's out-of-the-world fusion of pastel shades that makes it so vibrant yet tranquil simultaneously. 
What I absolutely adore about this purchase is it's ability to be worn both during the day and evening events. 
And why not? 
The store itself promises you to wear it both "for work or day parties..."

Although I should add one extremely important point right now, which is none other than the Jumpsuit's semi-transparent back. 
Like I previously mentioned, the upper part of the Jumpsuit is made with delicate cotton polyamide net and this makes your back almost visible, till the waist, with the zip running in between: 
thus lending you a sensuously mystic and dominating look. 
The backlessness of the Jumpsuit is absolutely amazing but since you cannot wear it with a regular bra, you have to wear the dress with silicon pads and if you aren't comfortable enough, wearing the Jumpsuit might be a problem. 
It would have been really nice if the dress came with stitched on cups like many blouses and tops available these days.

The Jumpsuit made me look and feel royal, domineering and utterly empowering.
Along with my usual habit of drawing winged liner, and heavy mascara.
(From Maybelline and MAC respectively)
I also used Bella Pierre's Ruby Red Lipstick, and Lakme's Peach Cheek Stain to compliment the outfit.
I also donned a pair of matching Retro Shades, Golden Handcuff and a pair of Moschino Gold Earrings. 
With all these, acting as the perfect helping aid - the Jumpsuit clearly gathered eyeballs,
wherever it went carrying me inside.

The beauty and significance of the Jumpsuit lies in it's effortless maturity and it's ability to make you look outrageously hot but in a completely understated way. 
Perhaps the sentence, "Minimum is Maximum" was coined for an outfit like this.
The clutter and fuss-free piece of clothing gives you a classy Jennifer Aniston ,Gwyneth Paltrow or even Kareena Kapoor vibe and metamorphosises you into a 
complete woman from just a trying-to-find-her-way kinda girl.

I absolutely adore Jumpsuits because of it's 
Sheer unique designs,
Charming patterns and good colour options,
Wide range of price,
 (if you compare the price of a Jumpsuit with that of a tee and trousers separately, you'll see how much one can save by buying one pair of Jumpsuit immediately)
Availabity in abundance,
(you can bump onto Jumpsuits from Kashmir to Kanyakumari without even twitching your eyebrows. Garment shops in Malls have them in plenty and so do the Online stores, 
hence you have loads and loads of options to choose from)
Extremely comfortable, cozy and is soft against the skin too. 
(In hot and humid areas like Mumbai or Calcutta, you won't feel excessively heated up while wearing a Jumpsuit. 
You might look Hot. 
But won't feel it much.)
Wearing a sassy and smart Jumpsuit is like wearing the trendiest piece of outfit in the city yet being the most comfortable too. Hence, the perfect blend of style with comfort is taken care of very well.

However, every good thing comes with a bit of flaw and Jumpsuits are no exception.
Perhaps the only problem I face with them is dealing with the zips, when I have to use the rest-room; and because of this one reason, 
I decide not to wear a Jumpsuit when going out for long.
This is, probably, the only 'big' hitch one can face while wearing something as stunning and captivating as this 
and if you can have a helping hand at your rescue, 
(or manage to work the back/side zipper all by your own, unlike me) 
I'll say it's worth all the effort. 
This Jumpsuit, unlike many, even have side pockets on them so carrying your cell phone or an extra bit of cash won't be a problem at all.

Hence, to answer my own question.
Are Jumpsuits... In or Out? Yay or Nay? Hot or Not? 
I think I've said enough.
What about you answering for me this time?!

Jumpsuit - Stalk Buy Love.
Silver Stilettos - Catwalk.
Earrings and Handcuff - Love Shonas Collection.
American Flag Mobile Cover - Bewakoof.com
Retro Glasses - Lal Bazaar, Kolkata.

Photo and Edit Courtesy

- Rini.

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