Hooked or On-A-Hook???

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Writing a blog after ages. Let's cut to the chase today. In this labyrinthine world of messed up relationships. We all fall into two categories:

a.) We are happily(or not) hooked to someone. 
b.) We keep someone on a hook! (or, dreadfully the opposite..)

Whatever be the case, following are 20 points that'll tell you whether your partner is interested(in you) or has kept you hanging and dangling on a relationship pendulum ready to push you off at any moment.


Let's start with the good, okay?
Here are the top ten points that'll make you absolutely sure that your partner is definitely interested in you.

Number 1.)
If a person is into you, he or she will be with you no fucking matter what. And unlike the picture I'm not just talking about men. Women know who is right for them and they will push all sorts of boundaries just to be with the man she really likes. There is no going to be no second thought about it. AT ALL.

Number 2.)
The person won't be shy to express himself/herself in front of you.
In other words, he or she will ensure that you are well aware of his/her feelings. It will be unabashed and unconditional through words, tears and otherwise.
It may irritate you, if in turn you aren't interested in them but be sure that it means a lot to the other person and he/she is absofuckinglutely HOOKED to you. 

Number 3.) 
You are the exception and not the rule.
'Cause for you, he/she'll break every norm, chop off every criteria and ignore every sign to be with you. 
It's only you who'll matter. Period.

Number 4.)
Guy or girl, there will always be a sense of initiation from his/her side. The first one to hug, message, call....there is always the extra warmth unlike in 'on-the-hook' relationships.

Number 5.) 
Although he/she's dying to sleep with you... and perhaps thinks of ripping your clothes off, every time you hang out with him/her. He/she won't ever do or say anything to risk the relationship. Unless they are idiots, their hints will be subtle and unlike the previous point, they won't initiate physical proximity till you welcome it.

Moreover, when a person is serious about someone, the post make-out period is more important than the sex part. Talking, cuddling and spooning you to sleep is someone they will prioritise a lot more than the humping.

Number 6.) 
When the time is right, he/she won't be scared to show you off to his/her friends and family. 

You will be the Centre of All Attention and he/she'll be proud to have you there, mixing and mingling with his world.

In cases of 'On-A-Hook' relationship, do not expect such things to happen. The person won't be remotely interested to make you a part of his existing social circle. 

Only seriousness and a true sense of commitment does that.

Number 7.) 
They are emotional about you. A hell lot. 
Which means ending the affair is just not an option for them.

  Number 8.) 
As cheesy as it may  sound,  but the person who is  truly interested in you, develops a  habit to talk and sound like you  even if you aren't around. And when you are...your sentences and words are synced! 
Remember, it's not just a coincidence if it happens more than thrice in one day.

Number 9.)
The person will be a poet...a philosopher....a musician for you. 

But when time comes, he won't think twice to fight. Literally. 

Love makes us do that.

Number 10.) 
Last but not the least, the person will simply be thankful to have you in his/his life. For them, there is nothing beyond you. 

Love...world...dreams...life...everything stops being just words. They become you. 

The way he/she will look at you....it's heaven!

As they say.....
and lovers are... $##%^%&!!!!

Hence, when the same people decide to keep you on a hook....not giving their full commitment as well as not letting you go, they generally will do the following:

Number 1.) 
The dreaded. The most feared. 'FRIEND-ZONE'. And believe it or not, you can very well be kept in the terrifying continent even though you think you are supposedly dating him/her.

His/her lukewarm interest in your appearance and conversations
should be the first thing to notice.

Number 2.) 
Since they are not as interested in you, as they should be...their behaviour will tell you how much they love themselves more than they even consider of 'liking or loving' you. 

In short, they are far from being selfless.

Number 3.) 
They expect better ones to cross their paths sometime soon. Hence, till then you are just someone for...you know!!!
The word starts with 'E' and ends with '...ment.'Let alone be proud of you, none of his/her friends will know that you're dating him/her. You're like a ghost. No one will ever see or hear of you.

Number 4.)
There are times when you really have to insist them to show you their love. 

It's pathetic. Really.

Number 5.
He/She won't be the first one to call/text you. Ever.

Number 6.) 
He/She will be a constant disappointment to your castle of emotions and expectations.

Number 7.)
He/She won't leave out a single chance to make you feel stupid. This boosts their ego, demeans yours and eventually makes you begin to think how he/she is way ahead of you so that you slowly accept the defeat of your intellectual prowess. 

Number 8.) 
Since you are kept hanging. You are actually forced to wait. 
In a queue. 
A long queue.
You obviously don't know that. 
But these species(or hookers...yeah, I know about the double meaning) never, ever ever practice monogamy.

Sadly, people hanging on relationship hooks do not enjoy any romance, cuddling or meaningful talking as well. It's making love for one... meaningless fling for another. 

They are dicks!

Number 9.) 
They make great promises one day and vanish into thin air another. 

Number 10.)
Finally, after sometime they dump you.
Yes, they dump you.

And even if they don't. 
They will do everything to make sure you do. 

Someone who is kept on the hook at first, often has to exit from there. There is hardly any second act with happy changes in the mind of the other person.

Hence, love as you can see is a damn complicated thing.
Nothing lasts forever. Not even the best relationships. 
All that lasts is the experience and adventure we have with each one of our lovers in our lifetime. 
Sometimes we are hanging and some other time we hang others....and as much as I would like to frown upon this whole disgusting thing, all I can say is the fact that Love is not really beautiful. Love is also ugly. Love is a sin as well as a prejudice and since love is everything which we desperately try not to let it be, it makes us do everything we wouldn't have even thought otherwise.

Oh yes, we are.

  - Rini Ghosh.

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