Pink - The Queen of Colours!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hey fellas,
Since I am neck deep in the mood for blogging, I thought why not keep ya'll busy as well. (Considering you'll be reading each one of them. Lol.)
Today I would like to talk about a great dress that I own, (all thanks to my ridiculous habit of impulsive shopping) from none other than the up and coming Shop Think Pink (or Think Pink Online.)

The dress is by far the best thing that has happened to me. You know, wardrobe-wise. ;)
It is classy. Sophisticated and needless to say, utterly and magnificently gorgeous and all this, wait-for-it....with the least bit of skin-show.
Oh and by the way, it's sexy as hell too!
However, the thing that fascinates me the most is the amazing fact of how it uses only two colours with absolutely no stones or crystals or anything glittery at all.
With a bit of net and a lot of satin, the gown would make any girl look and feel like a princess, I know 'cause it made me feel like one.
Infact, I am so much in love with this beauty, that I hardly touch it. Let alone wear the damn thing. But then I did muster some courage and wore it at my movie première recently and trust me, the dress helped me set the evening ablaze!
Here's a peep at the beautiful prom-night slash first date slash wedding reception gown that would turn all the heads around:

 If you're a girl and you find this ugly, stop reading the blog immediately. But since you haven't and chances are you won't. Go ahead.
I first saw the picture of the gown in the Instagram account of Shopthinkpink and thank God for that, I didn't even think twice before screenshotting the damn thing.

The wonderful Pink and White Mermaid Gown (Yes, that's what they call it, perhaps because of the way the dress falls from the waist to create the mermaidy shape...)
is enough to startle the crowd and dazzle the evening. I insist on the word evening repeatedly because such a glamorous piece will look devastatingly awesome at night although you can wear it at any morning or afternoon event with equal finesse. No problem at that.

You can wear Silver or Gold accessories along with it. However, I'd request you to keep it to the minimum since the dress speaks so much for itself.

So this is how I wore it for the first time. Hope you like my look.
And of course, feel free to share your opinion about it.

To match the mood of the dress, I winged my eyeliner a bit too high, like those shown in Retro movies and teamed the look with MAC's Ruby Voo Lipstick along with Maybelline's Pink Sheer Gloss.

The dress comes with a Cummerbund which you can tie into one big knot, right above the peplum thingy resting on the waist, like a classy belt. You may choose not to wear it, but it actually completes the entire look of the gown.

My hair was all crimmed and volumed up to match the tone of the dress but all thanks to Calcutta's mind-numbing, air-conditioner beating excessive humidity, my hair ended up a bit messy and frizzy!

So this was how I wore the most favourite dress of mine!
Without even a hint of black or red or any solid colour, I can say with a hell lotta pride that this dress is a true Rockstar.
And so is the colour Pink which is the Queen of all Shades. Undoubtedly!

Dress: Shopthinkpink OR Thinkpinkonline
Golden Clutch: Jabong
Silver Stone Bracelet: Pantaloons
Earrings: New Market, Kolkata
Stilletoes: Jabong.

Picture Courtesy: Sourav.

- Rini.

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