Red - The Colour of Power!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"There is a shade of red for every woman.."
- Audrey Hepburn.
If a colour could talk, any colour actually; then it would explain how magnificently powerful one particular shade is and how it has always been ruling all over them and the human civilisation for ages. 
The colour of birth, blood, love and death.
It is also the colour of vindication, vendetta and vengeance.
Red stands for both pain and ecstasy.
For doubt and confidence.
Red represents loyalty and betrayal simultaneously.
It symbolises every damn thing, that is associated with blessing and sin.

Whether it's Marvel Comic's Iron Man's armour, Spiderman's sticky suit, Superman's cape or DC Comic's favourite villain Joker's deliciously devilish smile. Red is that Nazi Ruler whose tyranny you can't stop. You don't want to stop.

If everything in the world rotates and revolves around Sex then it's closest sidekick is definitely Red.
Whether it's wine, vermilion or simply the thread that you tie in your hand once a year...this colour has a lot of importance, impact and significance in all our lives.

Red is the colour of God. Yet the Devil wears it too. And no, not just Prada. The Devil wears Red Prada.

How amazing is that, a name which is as short as Red symbolises 'Beginning' and well....the 'End'....

Well, keeping philosophy aside, and fashion inside...Red is the most glamorous colour for both the sexes, without a doubt. 
Put on some red lipstick or throw in a red dress and your confidence will soar by at least three inches!
This is the charm this colour exercises and no one, I repeat no one on earth will ever deny the wildness of this sheer shade and the enchantment it creates on people once you drape it over yourself.

Today's blog is a culmination of several photo-shoots and occasions where I proudly donned the colour and somehow it ended up owning me.

LOOK 1.)
This picture was from my early college days and in the very initial days of modelling when I hardly had any idea regarding posture or anything that is remotely associated with looking good infront of the camera...not that I know anything even now.. Lol.
Any-ways, this dress is an absolute favourite of mine and time and again I used it, overused it and over-overused in various kinds of shoots simply cause it makes me look stunning like anything.
Here are couple more....
From the same shoot.

Here's one, a year later......

LOOK 2.)

Same dress. Different location! It's one piece of sheer magnificence. The satiny flow, the uncomfortably short length, the extra wavy material-draping on one shoulder makes this cocktail dress one of a kind. And of course the colour helped.

LOOK 3.)

This dress I think I got last year, right after Durga Puja - and needless to say. is an absolute wonder.
The beauty of the dress lies in how it falls all the way till my calf muscles at the back and ends dangerously high at my thighs in the front. The dress is made out of lycra-spandex so it has this habit of rolling itself upwards, so all I have to worry while wearing this piece is pulling it down from time to time, especially while sitting.

LOOK 4.)

Although not typically red, the lal-paar shada saree is extremely worn, loved and considered auspicious amongst Bengali women, especially during the Puja times.
Remember the climax of 'Kahaani'?

Here's one more example of the same kind of saree. A little different in design. But you know...serves the same purpose.
Red is mighty powerful amongst Hindu women also cause of Vermilion which is of course of the said shade and the wedding attire (saree or otherwise) for 90 percent of the time is red because of it's sanctity and association to everything holy.

I love this Parineeta or simply the Married-Woman look a lot. The bindi, the bangles and the flower work at the edge of the saree does all the wonders.

LOOK 5.)

To break the monotony of saree-clad pictures here's one candid shot taken God knows when in one of my most favourite dress bought from Honey.

LOOK 6.)

                            Or maybe you can wear a cool, breezy top and take a selfie like this:

LOOK 7.)

This picture was taken last year and the top is one stunning piece I own from Myntra that makes me look and stand convincingly apart. Although originally maroon, it falls in the family of same shade so I felt free to include it as well.
See the semi transparent net work on the arm? It extends till the elbows
 and makes an absolutely dazzling statement on sun-kissed Indian complexion like ours.

LOOK 8.)
                    Is the monotony broken? Good. 'Cause I'm helplessly going back to ethnics.

This saree teamed up with fresh lime green blouse gives a look like no other. It was during this shoot when perhaps I learned the importance of 'contrast' in terms of wardrobe and have been diligently trying it since then. The minimal costume jewelry along with the semi transparent black full length sleeves just add the remaining elegance. If given a chance I would love to look like this at any given time of the day.
The black bindi and kohl-smeared eyes enhanced with baby pink lips just makes the entire look perfecto! <3

LOOK 9.)

           Pissed off at the douchebaggery of  the male chauvinistic world? 
Show off your anger in Red!

LOOK 10.)

Or simply give a long, complex, semi seductive glance and you'll drive them beyond the cliff of insanity for sure!

Don't just turn Red. Turn Heads wearing one. 

The gown you see above isn't a pure shade of Red.
Perhaps a bit of Pink and Coral is put in the mix but overall they all fall on the same side of the shade chart and look the way it helped me dazzle!

Trust me. Nothing. Absolutely nothing can go wrong with Red. There's a reason why every prestigious event has a Red Carpet Ceremony put altogether. Can you imagine the same happening with sweet and charming Blue or the vibrant Yellow?

LOOK 11.)

             Playful. Fun. Feisty. Peppy.

LOOK 12.)

       Or maybe darken the tone a little and look - Divine!

LOOK 13.)

This is the blazer I got last year during Christmas and I'm surely never gonna regret this purchase. Like ever.

Wish Winter extended for more than just two months here in India.

LOOK 14.)

During my Fatso phase! OUCH.

This top stands for pure comfort, simplicity and sophistication all thrown in cotton, black and red.

LOOK 15.)

    Finally, I would love to sum up the blog with the first glimpse of what's going to be my most anticipated entry ever. - THE BRIDE. Which obviously, is on it's way and till then you can warm yourselves up with this extremely gorg Red Lehenga that's gonna drive any heterosexual man wild.

Wearing Red on the Wedding Day is directly proportional to attracting the groom sexually towards the bride. 
Red drives them wild.

So go ahead, put on a Red Lipstick. Have Fun. Smile. And then put some more!

Bonus Look!

Look Classy. Look Unique. Look Red-tastic!

LOOK 1.) 
Dress: V2, New Market, Kolkata.
Shoes: Inc 5
Shades: Metro Plaza
Watch: Fastrack
Bangle: New Market.
Photography: Raaj Kundu

LOOK 2.)
Dress: Same as Look 1.
Photography: Soumyadipto Ghose

LOOK 3.)
Dress: Suji's, Metro Plaza
Shoes: Nell
Earrings: Gariahat, Kolkata.
Photography: Indranil Ghosh

LOOK 4.)
Saree: Rupahali
Blouse: Designed by Raj Banerjee
Bangles: Gariahat
Neckpiece: Burrabazar, Kolkata.
Silver Earrings: New Market
Photography: Sandip Das

LOOK 5.)
Dress: Honey
Watch: Fastrack
Bangle: New Market

LOOK 6.)
Top: Stalkbuylove
Necklace: Juvalia

LOOK 7.)
Top: Fab Alley, Myntra
Jeans: Levis Strauss Signature
Watch: Fastrack
Shoes: Fashionandyou
Photography: Saheb Jordon

LOOK 8.)
Saree and Blouse: Raj Banerjee
Neckpiece and Ring: Vardaan Market
Photography: Sandip Das.

LOOK 9.)
Red Cape: Honey
Photography: Saptaswa Basu

LOOK 10.)
Gown: Eyecatchers, Metro Plaza
Bracelet: Pantaloons
Stilletoes: Jabong

LOOK 11.)
Dress: Honey, Pantaloons
Photography: Saptaswa Basu

LOOK 12.)
Same as Look 9

LOOK 13.)
Blazer: Stalkbuylove
Black top: Miss Bennett
Jeans: Purple Blaze, Shreeram Arcade
Photography: Sayak Subhra Kayal

LOOK 14.)
Top: Bare
Shades: IDEE

LOOK 15.)
Lehenga: Rahul Pyne
Maang Tikaa: Burrabazar
Nosering: New Market
Earrings: The Bollywood Shop, Vardaan Market
Kundan Neckpieces: Vardaan Market
Photography: Saptaswa Basu, Argha Das and Sayak Subhra Kayal

- Rini.

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