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Friday, July 17, 2020

All of us have heard of it. Most of us someday, somewhere out of real desperation to 'not get burned' by the scorching sun have bought it right before the vacation began. But, I have weirdly observed this and it isn't just me who does this, trust me 'cause I have asked a lot of people, men included on several occasions and the answer would always be one and same, "Sunscreen? Yes. I have it. But forgot to apply it before leaving home today." We all have done that and said this.
I have a Dry to Combination Skin and I'm very meticulous about the things I use on my face. I've had so many allergic episodes before that now I think twice before even indulging in a wreckless shopping spree just 'cause the Brand is Good and by 'Good', I mean Famous. I bought a Sunscreen tube - the ones that are always available in your local Pharmacy stores right before a sudden trip to Goa, one and a half years ago and it is not at all surprising (to me) that the tube's still there. Lying around. Gathering dust. And I never seem to recall applying that Sunscreen ever after coming back. I never seem to remember. And this is an honest confession. I simply cannot remember to use the Sunscreen right before going out and despite of having such sensitive skin, I do take care of all the necessary and safety precautions but this always seems to be out of my mind's attention.
Do you know why that is?
Why do many of us simply forget to use something as basic and as vital as a Sunscreen Lotion inspite of reel to real life Dermatologists suggesting us to use it, without fail?
Why do you think despite of so many Over-the-Counter brands available everywhere, we are not too vigilant about using it in comparison to normal Day or Night Creams (without any SPF)?

Why are we so reluctant or negligent about using Sunscreens?

The answer you'll see, is right there. It's simple. 
The Product is NOT RIGHT.
It is not what we want. 
For us. Our skin.
So no matter how low or normal the price range appears, we turn a blind eye to it. And spend unnecessarily on Makeup instead.

See, to be honest, most Sunscreen Lotions are bit heavy for our skin. I have personally tried atleast 7-8 brands to be sure about this over years. 
And almost all the time, blending even a small amount of Sunscreen takes a longer time than a normal lotion. With dry skin what I saw was my skin feeling stickier, more sweaty by the minute not to forget a cakey look after a few hours. 
Also, a lot of Sunscreens don't go well with Makeup
They make your face patchy with uneven skin tone and it's a disaster. Sometimes, I've found that Sunscreens make my face and neck sweatier than before. In short, "NOPE."

It was on one random day of Online Shopping, where I came across a brilliant find. I was looking for a Day Cream (looking for a change of brand actually) and there it was, on a suggestion and I clicked on it.
The product was a Sunscreen Lotion.

The name: Aegte Glass Skin Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Gel SPF 50++


Made by Aegte - A Hair and Skin Luxury Brand,
that's completey Cruetly-Free, Vegan, Organic and 100% Indian and has a unique collection of Hair and Skincare products that's designed to give the most effective solutions to the daily Skin and Hair problems.

Deriving it's name from the Danish word, "Authentic." 

Aegte has a beautiful collection of carefully assorted lifestyle products and true to it's name, Aegte's USP lies in it's Real, Organic and Bona fide combination of herbs and medicines that caters to our age old problems with Hair or Skin. 

Be it hair damage from artificial colouring or styling or appearance of fine wrinkles on our faces due to pollution, makeup or even stress, we all know the struggles and sadly we have often spent a lot on things that serve absolutely no purpose in the long-run. 

But here's the catch: with a combination of right diet and authentic care, one can really work on them. 

And Aegte helps right here. With their wide range of Skin and Hair Products they absolutely provide what they promise. 100% Authentic Care that's made totally and completely only in India. 

         So let me straight go to the Product of my choice, and here's why I absolutely love it!

             The Top Few Instant Benefits are :
1.  Gel-Based lotions are amazing because of their super fast absorption. Sunscreens are often Cream based which makes the skin oily, sticky and greasy all day. But with Gel-based formula Aegte's Glass Skin Sunscreen  blends within a few seconds, it is super light-weight and gets absorbed in the skin almost instantly. There is no extra oil. Or dryness. Suited for all skin types, this Sunscreen is not just for Sun Protection. This Magic Potion serves a broad spectrum of purposes that you'll love. 

 2.  Helps nourishing and hydrating your skin while acting as a shield against pollution. Not only is it giving you an overall protection but it also keeps your skin moist, supple and your skin pores unclogged from all the dirt and excessive pollution.

               3.  "SPF 50++ Broad Spectrum with UVA and UVB Protection Enriched with Gluthathione, Swiss Garden Cess Sprouts and Algae Extract" helps protect gentle skin from the harsh sunlight, reduces the existing UV infused damage and also reduces the normal "daytime stressors".

4.Controls Skin Inflammation. Redness or Swelling due to Heat.

5. Brightens skin with a dewy glow.

6.Evens out uneven/patchy skin tone.

7. Fades ageing lines, dark spots and acne marks.

8. Increases Skin Barrier Proteins and Lipids.

Some of them are written right on the box:

On the opposite end is a list of it's Ingredients along with Directions to Use and Precautions.
Well, the Precaution part is nothing worrisome. 

It says: Incase of eye irritation, wash your eyes with water.
To be used for a minimum of 4 weeks to see visible results and
 it is safe for all ages. (Also for all skin types)
Now Directions to Use: I followed the Instructions given on the box to the dot. 
Pump out a coin-sized amount of the gel on your palm and gently blend it all over the face and neck. You can use it indoors and outdoors both. And using it twice a day would give the best results.

Delivered within 5 days of placing the order. I am using Aegte's much bought, raved and reviewed product - Glass Skin Sunscreen SPF 50++ for about 7 days now and I am truly impressed!

Now you might wonder, after all this anger toward Sunscreens, why did I purchase this one out of the blue? Wasn't I clear how irregular I am with this particular thing and,
 wasn't I looking for just a Day Cream
Well, this is where I tell you that I was blown out of my mind after reading it's innumerable reviews for a while. 
Actually, as soon as I found Aegte's Glass Skin Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Gel, I read atleast a dozen reviews where people have simply raved about how good it is and how Aegte has brilliantly created and curated their Sunscreen Gel that doesn't burn a hole in the pocket, not to forget the several other benefits people couldn't stop mentioning, all over Aegte's Offical Website site and also other places. 
Yes, I have read and re read how fascinating this Sunscreen is and following were some of the most common feedback:

"it's super light, 
it's gel based NOT cream based, 
evens skin tone while brightening it, 
adds a dewy glow to the skin, 
removes acne, 
 controls and reduces the already caused damage by the harmful UV rays, 
protects skin from further external triggers and increases skin barrier proteins."

In short, it's worth your every buck.

I have been diligently following the 4 week routine and in the first week itself I have myself seen a lot of improvements on my face and neck. 
To be honest, in 1/4th of the time, my skin has shown some drastic visual changes.

My Review: My skin is so dry, it is very easy for me to get fine lines around the lips or even crow's feet around the eyes. Now, the Gel keeps my face hydrated and supple for hours. There's no dryness, hence lesser lines. The acne spots around my cheeks have lightened and my face is glowing. It looks more bright (I have wheatish complextion and get tanned very easily). The unevenness in complexion has reduced quite a bit and everytime I used to step out in the sun before, my face and neck would get all red and inflamed, now surprisingly, it doesn't

What's more amazing? I can wear it under Make-up and it acts as a Primer safely blocking all the skin pores that gets unclogged due to Chemical Products, Pollution etc.

At just 699/- Rupees, the Sunscreen Gel can be used twice a day, hence I apply it everyday in the morning and evening. 

It blends in a second and has a wonderful cooling, soothing effect on the skin
I love it's gentle fragrance. Subtle and real nice.

You can buy Aegte's Bestselling Glass Skin Sunscreen Gel by clicking on this text OR, simply go to for a wholesome shopping spree dedicated to your hair and skin. 

It's just been 7 days and I am more than in love with the Luxury Brand that's 100% Made in India
is absolutely true to it's name,
 and delivers exactly what it actually promises. 

A fine fusion of ancient Ayurveda with Modern Science, where each and every ingredient ranging from Amla, Bhringraj, Aloe Vera, 24 Carat Gold, Vitamin C, Saffron and more - is carefully & meticulously selected
is cruelty-free, 
and every product is 100% organic with no harmful chemicals at all.

Aegte's premium products caters to the needs of the Contemporary Indian Women & Men who are always in rush and ready to go. 

During this critical phase of Covid19 and Lockdowns, we are facing a lot of unwarranted stress, situations, humidity, pollution and what not. 
Taking a little care of ourselves often leaves our mind. Simply because we are that entangled in our daily hackneyed routine. 

Aegte, thankfully, comes right in and helps us 
and revitalise 
the already damaged skin and hair 
and with a little bit of dedication from our end; 
reaps us a lot of brilliant results in no time. 

Truly, a beautiful Indian brand; Aegte promises to heal, stimulate and pamper, within budget

A multipurpose skincare product is quite revolutionary and this one actually is. Considering the amount of advertisements we fall prey to (for ages), with our money and time; Aegte's Glass Skin Sunscreen Gel truly deserves every bit of the attention simply because how well it works.

And now just after 7 days, here I am sharing with you, how it is that simple to have flawless skin in a matter of a week or so.
Because this time, the product is RIGHT!

Aegte believes in everything Real. Pure. Authentic.

And being a complete newbie to the brand, I cannot tell you how much I am amazed and in awe of their collection.
Monsoons, as you know triggers hairfall tremendously. So I ordered Aegte's HairGain and Bioactive Hair Oil with Active Holy Basil yesterday for my excessive hair breakage. And now I know and trust the brand enough to keep coming back. It's that simple. 
Aegte is without a doubt one of the most authentic Indian Brands that's dedicated towards creating the best in the field of Skin and Hair care. 

One thing's for sure, thanks to Aegte; I am never going to forget my Sunscreen ever!

The Luxury Brand of India that makes sure you keep coming back. 
All Happy and Pampered.

I give 4.5/5 for the Sunscreen.
It is a brilliant little gift for your skin.

OR, simply go to and begin your Shopping Spree! 
OR, you can also buy from Nykaa, Amazon and Other Online Stores.
Have Fun and Take Care.

- Rini.

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