Tokey Chhara (Without You) from Network - Now LIVE on Youtube

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

This one's definitely for you...Dad. Love you.

See the Full Video: 
Click right on the name - Tokey Chhara and you will be redirected to Youtube.
Introducing RnB music in Bengali movie for the first time. Tokey Chhara is a beautiful love ballad, a true-to-heart soulful composition from Network, that'll take you on a melodious trip down your own memory lane. Tokey Chhara is not just a love song, it is a song of love. Of yearning. Of pain. Of missing someone you really love and joyfully feeling the pangs of separation anyway, 
only 'cause it's worth it! 

Singer & Composer & Lyrics - Raz Dee
Music Producer - Adib Kabir
Guitarist - Sunny Karmakar
Co-Lyricist - Abhishek Bagchi 

Here's our Musical Genius aka Raz Dee for you:

Here's some more glimpses from our first romantic song:

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Stay tuned. Much Love.

- Rini.

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