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Thursday, September 10, 2020

As alarming and stressful as it sounds, the word somehow has been normalised and adjusted with in this so-called modern 'always busy and on the run' kinda life and although most of us have been battling this very thing for years now, we compromise not just with the word but a great deal with our hair itself. 
Let's admit this, we all deal with a ton of hair problems but we don't get to take as diligent care of our wonderful tresses as much as we want to. Sometimes it's the lack of time, will or simply money. 
Hence, we unwillingly bear with the whole situation of premature hair fall, hair damage, breakage, greying and eventually thinning of hair to the point where it gets so visible that we often give up thinking it's too late. 
Be it our hectic lives or the pollution outside we are always surrounded by too many damaging factors who are wrecking constant havoc on our hair. Of course from time to time we try to implement Home Remedies to curb these issues but seldom do we stick to it and hence the vicious cycle of hair-fall continues. 
Our wonderful hair is constantly being subjected to a myriad of damages both environmental, physical, chemical and emotionally stressful factors. 
I'm literally battling not just hair-fall problems (for years now) but also, 
Recurring and Persistent bouts of Dandruff, 
Dry and Itchy Scalp,
Premature Greying of Hair Strands,
Lack of Lustre or Volume,
Split Ends,
And Damage Caused by Heat & Colour.
It breaks my heart to go through old photos and see how gorgeous my hair was in comparison to the flat, limp and lifeless mane I keep tied all the time and to be brutally honest, I have tried, tested and applied a million methods both with Home and Salon/Over the Counter products to fight with these hair problems but none of them have ever cured any of the troubles permanently. 
Dandruff keeps coming back. 
Grey hair becomes more and more visible.
 Colouring them leads to hair-fall and so on...

So my question for today will be....

Is there truly any solution to Hair-Fall? Maybe something a little permanent and promising?

Be it Men or Women, people go to really long lengths to make sure they have hair. 
And interestingly enough, spend thousands of rupees on things that are not only super expensive but also quite unnecessary. 
We tend to believe the 'Salon Made Jargon and Promises' more than our natural instincts and hence not only do we drain our valuable time, money and energy but also we grossly overlook the real problem. 
Losing Our Beautiful Hair. 
The very same hair that makes us look great, gives us confidence and basically occupies a big part of our lives.

"Taking care of your Hair is just as important as taking care of your Health," I once read in a magazine.

 And true to its word, I have always been on the lookout for anything that'll help me out with this eternal problem. Permanently.

It was around six days back when I was shopping for monthly utilities when my eyes bumped onto the Suggested Products List on Amazon.

The Brand? TRICHUP from Vasu Healthcare.

I was already aware of the brand because a friend of mine often boasted about their Age Revitalizing Range and now after reading the reviews on Amazon I was hooked. 
Not only do the countless reviews shine bright but the price range seemed perfect too! 
I was getting a Shampoo and Spa Kit within 1,000 INR whereas a single trip to the Salon would burn a huge hole in my pocket every darn time. 
And now due to the Covid19 pandemic, I cannot even remember the last time I had a good Hair Spa at a parlour nor do I know when I can go for one in the future. 
Plus, they are mindbogglingly expensive and we all know that.

Now it was time to wait.
After impatiently waiting for a few days, Amazon handed me a big box of goodness that I was in dire need of, since Monsoon has been treating my hair pretty harsh,
I badly needed a Hair-care-Knight to the rescue. 
And Oh My God was I delighted!!!

Made by Vasu Healthcare, a 100% Indian Company. This 39 Years Young Brand is one of the most renowned names in the field of natural healthcare not just in India but globally. To be precise, Vasu Healthcare's products are available in 40 plus countries and are lovingly trusted worldwide.

Since it's inception, Vasu Healthcare primarily focuses on "Patented formulations of Herbal/Ayurvedic Origin." Infact, Vasu Healthcare believes in offering a diverse range of not just cure, but prevention too. 
Without any adverse side effects, (that many modern medicines sadly have) but the right effects only.
Vasu Healthcare is simply committed to bringing excellence, 
provide unmatched quality 
and I quote, Bring 'Health to you, Naturally."

So let's get started.

I'll begin with Vasu Healthcare's Bestselling Crown Jewel: TRICHUP HAIR FALL CONTROL Shampoo!

Enriched with Amla, Licorice and Bhringraj, Trichup Hair Fall Control Shampoo starts working from the very first wash itself thereby reducing Hair-fall, excessive Hair-Breakage and Thinning of Hair Strands thus, nourishing the scalp, cooling the Hair follicles and revitalising the damaged/weak hair into healthier, bouncier mane with noticeable decrease in Hair loss
You'll see after the first wash itself how your hair texture has improved drastically and the mild fragrance of the Herbal shampoo lasts for hours leaving your Hair and Scalp, hydrated and itch-free. 

TRICHUP Hair Fall Control Shampoo gently cleans the scalp from dirt, oil, pollution, dandruff and other dangerous elements and strengthens the hair right from the roots making them less prone to premature falling or breakage. 
Amla is widely known to cure Hair-fall while Bhringraj and Licorice prevent Dry/Itchy Scalp and Dandruff, 
making the hair shaft stronger, 
with an amazing shine to the tresses while promoting hair growth,
improving the hair's quality and
 keeping it manageable all day long.

Here's my Review on TRICHUP Hair Fall Control Shampoo after using for almost a week:

My Hair is Silky Smooth, 
It looks Super-Voluminous,
 and the overall Hair Texture has improved within just 3-4 washes. 
Since I have naturally straight hair, my hair tends to fall limp and completely flat. So generally I'd have to keep my long hair tied all day or else it would look like a complete mess. 

Now, amazingly enough, I have noticed that my hair actually has this natural bounce that makes it so much gorgeous whether I tie it into a bun, a pony-tail or simply let it open.

Also, due to prolonged use of Chemical Colours to dye hair occasionally, the strands became 
brittle - like hay straws. 
Harsh and extremely dry, 
Plus, the heat from Straighteners, Curling Irons or even Hair Dryers added to the already existing damage.
 But the change is wonderfully noticeable. 

And the herbal shampoo being packed with conditioner in the same bottle not just cleanses your hair leaving it fresh, lustrous and hydrated but also conditions and nourishes the scalp and hair strands simultaneously.

My Hair is strong and healthy. 
Breaks way less than before. 
Has become more silkier and bouncier and 'full of life' in comparison to the dull unmanageable mess I used to have. 

Plus, my hair's way more softer and breaks less. Really less.
Say, it went from 20-30 Hair strands in the comb/pillow/every flat surface to almost zero in just 4 washes.

It is quite something since I have hardly seen a Shampoo do so much in such a less time that also fits my budget and leaves my tresses wonderfully alive! 
At just 144INR, TRICHUP Hair Fall Control Shampoo makes sure they keep their word so that we can keep our hair relaxed, carefree and invigorated.

Now let's dive straight into the second treasure that Vasu Healthcare has to offer.

TRICHUP Hair Fall Control Hot Oil Treatment Hair Mask is nothing short of a treasure that you will truly want to cherish. 
Created proudly by Vasu Healthcare and true to it's name the Hair Mask takes diligent care of your beautiful hair right from the very first time and gently improves the texture and quality of your hair from roots to tips in almost no time saving you hours of waiting and visiting the salon to get your Hair Spa done not to forget the hundreds and thousands we spend in the feeble hope of getting our lustrous mane back but seldom does that lustre remain and we end up struggling with breakage anyway.

 In under just 10-15 mins flat, you will get Silky Soft Hair that smells so wonderful, you won't be able to stop touching and caressing your stunning hair. I am simply amazed how Vasu Healthcare's creations work in such less time and also manage to remain in our budget.

You'll actually gift yourself a Salon-like treatment right at your home at your convenience and at half the price we spend trying to fix our tresses but ultimately fail.
 I immediately used TRICHUP Hair Fall Control Hot Oil Treatment Hair Mask the day I got them delivered and my oh my. This was most definitely the Best Spa Experience I've ever had!

Following the Directions for Use, I first shampooed my hair with TRICHUP Hair Fall Control Shampoo and just towel dried the excess water. Then using a small plastic spoon, I scooped out four to five spoonfuls of the Hair Mask and applied it gently all over my hair spreading them evenly from root to tip. Then I took a hot towel and wrapped it all over my head which was now all Masked-up, tied into a bun neatly so that the mask doesn't spread over the face and wrapped the towel so that the entire head is neatly and tightly covered. After waiting for just 15 mins, I washed my hair with normal tap-water water thoroughly till the mask was completely washed out. 

Enriched with Hibiscus, Holy Basil and Neem, TRICHUP Hair Fall Control Hot Oil Treatment Hair Mask nourishes not just the hair strands but also the scalp making the roots stronger, healthier and shinier than before.
Hibiscus acts as a Natural Conditioner that moisturises the hair and detangles the hair shafts (so that when you comb your hair later on, you won't get stuck halfway struggling to detangle the mess causing hair fall).
Holy Basil takes good care of the texture of the hair improving it's quality and keeping it refreshed all throughout the day.
Neem, as we all know, controls hair-fall and promotes growth of hair, even in the areas that has started showing signs of thinning/balding.

My Hair looked super soft, 
super fresh, 
and the amazing 'exotic' fragrance is to die for!
I cannot believe how wonderful my hair looked, felt and smelled all throughout the day. And I repeat again....
In just under 15 mins!!!
 TRICHUP Hair Fall Control Hot Oil Treatment Hair Mask not only gave a fresh lease of life to my damaged hair but also made it quite remarkably gorgeous . 

I have used the Hair Mask just once and I plan to use it once every week from now on. It's crazy to see how much my hair has stopped falling, after so long!!!
This is no joke.
My biggest concern was hair loss followed by an array of other hair problems but after using TRICHUP Hair Fall Control Hot Oil Treatment Hair Mask for just one time, I am surprised to find less and less hair on my comb or pillow. Infact, I recently used a Flat Iron Straightener on my hair for a shoot but unlike before, not one strand fell on the makeup-table. Not even a single one.  

At just 409INR, you can easily give yourself the Gift of Spa at your home and the tub is big enough to last you a really long time. Honestly, I'm simply in love with TRICHUP Hair Fall Control Hot Oil Treatment Hair Mask!

'Cause never in my wildest imagination did I think I'd be able to find a cure to my eternal hair issues and that too with 
no unnecessary trips to the parlour, 
no wasting money on chemical products that ruin hair more than saving it,
and to make things even better and more promising - TRICHUP Hair Fall Control Hot Oil Treatment Hair Mask is 100% free from Parabens and Silicones. 

After just one use, my hair is visibly way more gorgeous,
shines beautifully,
is more resistant to Heat or Styling Gels,
breaks lesser than before,
looks bouncier and more voluminous,
the texture and quality of each hair strand has drastically improved,
hair looks thicker and stronger,
dandruff and itchy scalp is almost gone,
so is the split ends,
and last but not the least; my long hair has an 'exotic delicate' fragrance that lasts for hours!

I took this photo soon after my hair dried up and I simply ran a comb through it.
I assure you, that I did not use any kind of gels, mousses or heating devices to style my hair. This time, my hair looked effortlessly and naturally wonderful. I mean, I'm super amazed myself! It generally takes so much time to get my hair done but this time it was only two things that took care of my look.

I really applaud and appreciate the Team at Vasu Healthcare who are constantly inventing, formulating and creating their products choosing the age old traditional herbs to control our hair problems with such gentle care and love, and their variety of products promises a "complete changeover from dry, unruly hair to the silky smooth mane" that we all deserve.
So don't wait.
Give yourself and your hair the gift of a Salon like experience, right at your home, completely in your budget and you'll be fascinated how quickly your hair gets back to what it should be. 
Gorgeous. Shiny. Healthy and a complete Showstopper...just like you!

I have broken down the point system into Four Categories:
Amazed-Me-And-My-Hair - 5/5
Easy to apply and use - 5/5
Makes others notice with such great results - 7/5 (Two points extra for being super awesome)
Purely Herbal and Doesn't have any Harmful effects - 5/5

Vasu Healthcare's TRICHUP Series is amazing when it comes to pampering your beloved mane. Next, I'll go for their Age Revitalizing Under Eye Cream to sort out my 'skin problems'. We'll talk about it some other time.
But for now, go right ahead and shop your own Hair Spa and Shampoo that'll cure, care and pamper your hair. Now and forever.

You can buy from - 
TRICHUP Hair Fall Control Shampoo -
TRICHUP Hair Fall Control Hot Oil Treatment Hair Mask


Buy directly and explore the store for more goodness at -
TRICHUP Hair Fall Control Shampoo -
TRICHUP Hair Fall Control Hot Oil Treatment Hair Mask -

- Rini.

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