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Monday, November 28, 2016

For Dad.

"Fashion is what you're offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose." - Lauren Hutton.

Whenever I decide to shop, which is like always since self-proclaimed shopping enthusiasts, like myself, don't need a particular time to buy stuff, I inevitably end up browsing through those which are not just new, but are also somewhat different. 
My forever and insatiable urge to stand out in the crowd always gets reflected during those precious minutes...or hours and I always go for the challenge. 
The new arrivals, 
the just-ins,
 the uncharted territories in fashion - that I must conquer and bring them back to my closet. This year, whenever I shopped, I frequently ended up buying one particular style of outfits that made my appearance even more wow!
Yes, shopaholics are one such breed who believes in self appreciation too.
We are fantastic! *self five*
Now let us have a glimpse of not two not three but five different kinds of dresses that have similar pattern, style and equivalent level of utmost sex appeal.

As you must have seen in the collage - all the tops that I'm seen wearing are off the shoulder or simply:
Needless to say, this year has been the year of 'shoulders', and almost every store online or not has had a huge stock of off-shoulder tops, dresses. gowns, jumpsuits etc. etc. 
Quite fortunately, this 'trend' has been accepted, loved and worn repeatedly by tons of women all-throughout the globe.
The showing off of shoulders, although a quintessentially old trend, neither dominated nor looked as awesome as this year. 
Hence my quest for a few off shoulder tops began when I bumped onto one of my favourite shopping destinations aka Missa More and ended up packing quite a truckload. 

Let's have a look at each one of my ensembles individually, alright?

Look 1.)

Made out of Cotton Lycra (tee) with Flared, Crepe Bottoms, the 'Level Up Palazzo' is a big seller at Missa More. 
Priced at 1200 INR and available in Royal Dark Blue and White, this Off-Shoulder Tee with Palazzo Pants is so riveting and gorgeous that you'll feel like a showstopper everytime you walk wearing the ensemble.

Look 2.)

Although not a typical Off-Shoulder top, 'The Pine Connect' was a huge seller at Missa More this whole year! 
It's vivacious, playful and fruity design, 
it's intriguing layers, 
it's bright, tangy hue,
and, most importantly - the huge comfort factor of this tee has made it quite popular among young shoppers and fashion enthusiasts. Sadly, they don't stock this one any longer but you can grab 'The Pine Connect - v.2.0' which is equally bewitching and priced just the same.

Look 3.)

Aah! The 'Take Me Back'.
This tee is not just a normal off-shoulder, ruffle top with flared sleeves. 
It is captivating, eye-catching, out-of-the-world sexy and supremely majestic! 

If you're comfortable with a little exposure and lots of drama; then this is the one for you. 
Wear it with a palazzo, jeans or skirt - you just can't go wrong with this one. 
Priced at 600 INR, you have several options to get your very own 'TMB' tee.

Look 4.)

Affectionately called as the 'Boss Babe' this off-shoulder top with ruffles on it's embroidered 3/4th sleeves and neckline, is made of one hundred percent cotton poplin fabric.
Easy to wear, carry and wash - this one is more of a staple diet to your everyday wardrobe needs than a luxury. 
You can team it with your favourite pair of White or Light Blue Jeans, or tuck it inside your pencil skirt or maybe just go carefree and wear shorts. 
There are innumerable ways to don the BB Top and yeah, you'll feel like one soon after wearing it too.
The top's simple but sweet and it's sleeves are so full of fun that you'll feel like Mila Kunis's legendary character - Jackie Burkhart from "That 70s Show".
A winter favourite - this Missa More creation comes in two colours; the yin and yang. 

The white top is as awesome as the black one. Infact, actress Gauhar Khan was spotted wearing the white one at a recent press event. And she looked ravishing! Make it yours at only 900 INR.

Look 5.)

Again, not a typical off-shoulder tee; 'The Arabian Nights' by Missa More yet again is so classy, soft and subtle that you'll be drawn towards it as soon as you spot that thing. 
This top has a wrap around style at the waist, so you need to tie the two belts on the waist after your wear it. Made of yarn dyed moss, this one has elastic cuffs and layered ruffles on the sleeves, and not on the neckline like some of the previous ones I showed you in the post. 
One might ask why I am adding this one to this post, since it's not your regular shoulder-less outfit. But I believe the top fits in the list because of it's bold, wide V-neck design that stretches almost till the borders of your shoulders and highlights your collarbones beautifully! 
It reveals quite a lot, but in a graceful, feminine way. 
You can adjust the neckline as per your choice and still look colossally wonderful. 
The top is petite, delicate, and perfect for any sort of event be it day, afternoon or evening. Available in two beautiful pastel shades, this new arrival is priced at 750 INR.

So, this was my share of showing off my shoulders. I would love to see some of your in-vogue collection too. Now go ahead and start shopping right away. Remember, no matter what the season, dare to bare your shoulder sometimes. You won't regret it! 

All Off-Shoulder Tees and Palazzo Set by Missa More
Black Denims - Levis Strauss, India
Blue Shorts - Candie's India, Pantaloons
Sling Bag - Lavie, Shoppers' Stop
Aviators in Look 2 - Accessorize, India
Brown Sunglass in Look 1 & 4 - Singapore
Peach Polaroid Glares - Singapore
Brown Ballerina Shoes - Dressberry, Myntra
Blue Stilettos - Nell Shoes, Jabong

Photography and Edit - Neo Studios
Makeup and Hair - Myself

- Rini.

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