My Winter Favourite - Veet Sensitive Touch Trimmer

Saturday, December 31, 2016

For Dad.

Whenever someone calls me 'high maintenance'. I take it as a compliment. Of course I am high maintenance! Why wouldn't I be? I take extremely good care of myself and try to opt for the best options available in beauty, lifestyle and wellness, all the time. One such thing includes getting rid of those nasty, uneven, horrifying eyebrows twice every month when sheer horror is unleashed on my face. 

Everytime I step inside the parlour, it's like walking inside the lion's mouth.
After half an hour of cursing the parlour lady who goes to extreme lengths to make sure my life on earth is miserable I swear to myself that I won't be back there ever again. But even my properly trimmed but burning and wounded eyebrows know that I would and again in two weeks or so, I inevitably walk back to the most dreaded place of my life!
Then one fine day, a tiny little miracle happened. I saw an advertisement by Veet who claimed that they have launched their awesome 'trimmer' that will help all women get rid of unwanted facial hair, underarm hair and also those on our intimate areas - in a jiffy! The USP?
It won't hurt or cut your sensitive areas at all. Ever. That was the moment I knew I had to give my face a chance to get rid of those burning days to end. So I logged on to Flipkart and ordered myself -- The Veet Sensitive Touch.

 Let's have a look at the trimmer:

Available at 1850 INR in Flipkart, you can also get it at Amazon, Nykaa and Snapdeal at slightly varying prices. 
The box includes -
The trimmer itself, with the double-sided precision head (16 mm and 6 mm) for easy removal of eyebrows, forehead, upperlip, sideburns and other facial hair (already attached),
Pink coloured comb attachments (2+4 mm and 20 mm for facial and bikini trimming uses)
Precision head for intimate areas (20 mm)
Protective cap,
Cleaning brush,
A small travel pouch,
One AA pencil battery.

Now let's see how we can use the device effortlessly yet carefully for maximum results and with zero fears of cuts or burns!

The eyebrows:

My eyebrows have always been thin and less bushy. So after combing it once or twice with the Pink Comb Attachment provided in the box, I turned the trimmer on and along with it's buzzing sound I glided the trimmer both in and against the direction of hair growth and in a moment I could see the unruly, rogue eyebrow hair get chopped off. The buzzing sound is a bit loud so that might scare you at bit at first but soon you'll get comfortable and you'll be able to trim your eyebrows with ease in a minute. If you find it difficult to trim them with your head straight, then you can tilt your head on one side, stretch the skin right above your eyebrow with one hand (just like the parlour ladies do) and trim with another. 
It's easy and won't hurt you at all.

The forehead:

The most easiest place of all! If you are not too confident about trimming your delicate eyebrows rightaway, stgart with your forehead and I am sure you won't go wrong. You can also get rid of your mid eyebrow hair just by turning the trimmer upside down.

The upperlip area, cheeks or sideburns:

For upperlip, sideburns and overall facial hair, you can use the trimmer any way you feel safe and easy. I'd suggest you to use the 16 mm blade for cheeks, forehead and sideburns whereas for eyebrows and upperlips, always go for the 6 mm side. It'll be way more comfortable for you.
For underarms and intimate areas take the second precision head, twist it to lock and buzz away!

Incase you're still feeling a bit clueless, here's a tutorial video uploaded by the official channel of Veet. Just click on it and have a look!

So it has been a week or so I use the trimmer whenever there is even a hint of rogue hair on my face. Below are some pictures of how I looked right after I used the Sensitive Touch.

A one of a kind invention by Veet, the trimmer with multiple attachments, combs and a cleaning brush is gentle, easy to use and fantastically precise. 
You can use it anytime, anywhere without any mess or fuss! 
The trimmer should be used on dry skin so no shaving gel or foam is required before or even after you're done trimming your hair. Moreover it's multifaceted aspect makes it a brilliant companion for every woman - whether she's travelling or at home.
After every use, remember to clean the blade with the tiny white brush provided inside the box and then hold it under a tap of running, cold water. You can wipe it with a soft towel later on.

To be honest, I am absolutely in love with this product and don't see much flaws in it. Yes it runs on a battery so remember to keep atleast one spare battery with you everytime you use the trimmer but beside that I think it's a complete delight!
It's been a few weeks since I got mine and trust me, all those "painful" trips to salon are surely over and I can literally be on cloud nine about it.
Now go ahead an try it out. Like I previously said, I got mine from Flipkart
You can also get it from Amazon, Nykaa, Snapdeal and other sites. 
Just compare the prices and see which one's giving you a better deal. 
The trimmer's a one time investment so don't worry much about the price, alright?
Give yourself the makeover you always desired and feel extra confident, super stylish and ultra gorgeous on this New Year's Eve.
Happy New Year Everybody.
See you in 2017.


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