An Escape to the Lion City

Thursday, November 10, 2016

For Dad.

"Once a year, go someplace you have never been before. - Dalai Lama."

Being a crazy wanderlust that I am, travelling is one of the most favourite things that I look forward to at any given time in my life. Be it nearby or really far away, going somewhere is like taking a small break; it's a beautiful and serene escape that enriches your soul and gives you what you long desired for.
Travelling can be full of inspiration. It can be wild, adventurous or full of passion. But to me is like the soul-consuming love, I always open up my heart and mind for.
I'd rather get lost in an unknown place than go about the daily drudgeries of a mundane, monotonous life on an endless loop.

A few days back my family and I came back from a beautiful vacation in Singapore - the Lion City.
After holidaying in Thailand a couple of years back; Singapore has somehow always been the topper in the holiday bucket-list and when the plan was under process, I instantly jumped on it.
After spending a few weeks of Googling every possible vlogs (or, video blogs) and reading articles written about the country, I booked and planned the trip in such a way, so that we could explore
almost every corner and nook of the beautiful city and could return with tonnes of pictures, souvenirs and of course, happy memories.
Now that I am back home, I can assure you that this vacation has been the best one in my life so far and I'd happily go back to Singapore every chance I get. Self-promise!

Today's blog is a small glimpse or walk-through of my cutesy little holiday featuring some of the dresses I wore and places I visited in those delightfully awesome ten days.
By the end of the post I hope you will be convinced enough to gift yourself a nice holiday too. Now let's buckle up, travel the world and give ourselves the escape we always wanted.

Merlion Park:
Let me begin at the place which is perhaps of the most significance to Singapore - The Merlion Park aka The Merlion Statue. Located at One Fullerton Street, the Merlion is one of the most visited sites in Asia and quite obviously, the heart of the Lion City.
The Merlion is a mythical creature with a lion's head and the body of a fish. It is widely used as the Official Mascot for Singapore and is joined by the Merlion cub located near the original statue.
One of my favourite experiences ever, the few minutes that I spent here were spectacular!

Esplanade Waterfront:
Just on the other side of the Merlion you get to see this amazingness in it's full splendour. Unlike the Esplanade Shopping Market in Kolkata, Singapore's Esplanade Theatre on the Bay is a hall of performing arts and makes a colossal contribution to the entire cityscape. I can so easily remember the movies shot here.

I chose a cute off shoulder, ruffled top and my favourite pair of ripped jeans. It was quite a sunny day, so the aviators happened naturally. 

Universal Studios:
The happiest place on earth is Disneyland. So what is Universal Studios? Well, USS is the most wild, adventurous and crazy place on earth. I knew things would go beyond my mental faculties at this movie based amusement park and hence I decided for my cutesy pair of Candie's Playsuit. Now why don't you scroll down to have a sneak peek, instead?

Sentosa Island:
Often hailed as the best place to go in Singapore; Sentosa is a magical little island filled with every fantastic thing one could possibly hope for. Here they have the famous Madame Tussauds, another Merlion statue, Trick Eye Museum, Singapore Cable Car from Mount Faber, Luge and Skyride, Amazing 4D, Tiger Skytower, etc etc etc. 

At Madame Tussauds:
The place right below Universal Studios in my list of 'Things to do in Singapore', the hour spent here will always be etched in my memory. Such a magnificent museum, indeed!

That day was a long one, in the most literal sense. Hence my choice for the most comfortable wear was an airy, fluffy, pineapple print top with a pair of what I call my 'adorable-second-skin' jeans.

Gardens By The Bay:

This is surely the closest we can get to Pandora. Remember? The mystical world created by James Cameron in Avatar? Yeah. Gardens by the bay is not just a nature park or reservoir. It is more like a carefully engineered ode written in honor of Mother Nature. Surrounded by mammoth sized Supertree Groves, the park boasts of a Cloud Forest, Flower Dome, Horticultural themed gardens and many more. Although the entire thing might hike up your budget, this experience is something you just can't afford to miss while you're here.

Okay, I gotta be honest. That day I was feeling extra shopaholic, hence I allowed myself to splurge a little bit. Just a little, mind you. 
Singapore's damn expensive, and keeping in mind the shopping quota I was alloted. Yeah, right. *wink*, I grabbed a 'I love SG' tee accompanied by a pair of smashing retro glasses from a nearby souvenir store. That's when I instantly decided to don the new stuff with my trusted pair of Candie's blue shorty-shorts.

Singapore Flyer:
Just like the London Eye, the Singapore Flyer is a giant ferris wheel that allows you to overlook the entire city. There are twenty-eight capsules, all air-conditioned and allows almost thirty people inside each. The second-tallest Ferris wheel in the world, Singapore Flyer is as tall as a three storied terminal building. In my half an hour experience of being up in the air, and also being petrified of heights, I could hardly feel the capsule moving yet I could see the entire city on all my side, giving me the enriching feeling of standing in Willy Wonka's Glass Elevator.

See the giant ferris wheel on the left in the picture above? Yeah, that's the one. Now let us see the interiors of the capsules of the Singapore Flyer.

And below are some of my captures of the exciting and breathtaking views of the city from inside the flyer:

Night Safari:
Okay. So basically the photographs taken here went for a complete toss! *deeply sighs* 
Since you know, it was late in the evening - I am sharing some candid selfies just before I left for the Wild Tram Safari that lasted till almost 10 at night. It was a good experience for everyone who loves animals as they can get to explore it, that too at night when things get extra spooky all around. 
We saw a traditional African tribal dance followed by an animal show, a tram ride around the huge zoo and yes we also personally visited their habitats where we saw them eating, sleeping and being comfy-comfy in their homes. 
Night Safari is the only night zoo in the whole world! Such things don't even happen in Africa. *sshh*

Jurong Bird Park:
If you are looking for a bird park where the little colourful chirpies talk, sing and count from 1 to 10 not just in English but also in Chinese, this is the place to go. There are hardly any bird in the world that you won't see here. It's like going on a wild safari that's based just on our winged friends. It is bright, colourful, and so much full of splendour that you'll never feel like leaving the damn place.
We had too though. Our flight back was on that day. *sighs*

Newton Road, Little India and Albert Court:
These three places are quite nearby to the hotel we were staying, hence it became almost mandatory to go for a carefree stroll right after we checked in!

S.E.A. Aquarium:
What amazes me about this city is it's sheer devotion to the Animal and Plant Kingdom. There are too many attractions devoted to them and not one will disappoint you. Never have I been to this kind of aquarium before and I am plenty sure that this one would certainly top my list till infinity! Yeah I'm that sure. First time's always the charm.
Sea Aquarium literally blows your mind and lets you have so much fun, you just wouldn't want the trip to end.

So this was a tiny glimpse...okay I might be exaggerating a bit when I say tiny and add a billion photos but trust me there are atleast a zillion, still hanging in my PC and they are literally crying to be here. 
Anyway, this was a "good"peak to my very exciting holiday to what seemed like a sheer urban yet very nature-conscious paradise on earth. Hope to add plenty more real soon. Till then, pack your bags and travel like crazy! It will be worth your every penny. XO.

Merlion Park, Esplanade and Singapore Flyer:
Top - Missa More
Denims - Alia Bhatt by Jabong
Shoes - Dressberry
Aviators - Accessorize

Universal Studios, SEA Aquarium:
Playsuit - Candie's, Pantaloons
Handbag - Baggit, Shoppers Stop
Watch - Fastrack

Sentosa Island:
Yellow Top - Missa More
Jeans - Lee 
Shoes - Elliza Donatein
Neckpiece - Pep My Persona

Gardens by the Bay:
Tee and Glares: Singapore
Shorts: Candie's

Night Safari:
Beige Dress - Missa More, 99 Store
Handcuff - New Market, Kolkata

Jurong Bird Park:
Black crop-top and Palazzo Set - Missa More
Glares - Jabong

Little India, Newton Centre and Albert Court:
Dress - Honey, Pantaloons
Neckpiece - Gift
Bag - Lavie
Aviators - Accesorize, India

- Rini.

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