When is the right time to 'un-Robin' yourself?

Monday, May 26, 2014

As a kid, I was taught that Robin is the name of a tiny migratory songbird. During my teen days, I learnt that it also referred to Batman's sidekick. Now as an adult, I have come across the ultimate Robin. The Robin Scherbatsky. An exceptionally beautiful woman who's not only the epitome of delusion and self-absorption but who also ruins the word for you as long as you live. This Robin is like the Black Widow spider. She will lure you, attract you, have sex with you and then ruthlessly savage you to death. If my words are harsh towards the iconic fictional character (thank god for that!) revisit the C&C's show once more. You will get answers aplenty.

Well, the hugely successful show has finally come to an end; a few weeks back as we saw the world, go on a rage to beg, borrow, steal or download the final two episodes under any circumstances and feel all that happiness that they all have been nurturing for the last nine years. It's an irony though that inspite of it's great TRP and seeds/peers the happiness somehow diminished to expressions like 'erm' 'nope' and 'however'... (The same reaction which Indian audiences faced earlier after watching 'Dhoom 3'. And yet they say 'Gunday' is the lowest-rated movie! *Burn*)

While viewers globally are now frantically searching to take refuge and recluse in some other television show which they can later criticize (for me it's the 80's 'Cheers' and 'Seinfeld'),  I cannot help but see all the theories all around the net, that is literally destroying every charm the show once had. The thing is, you can't completely blame viewers and bloggers like me, who are extremely observant of things they love but are also analytic in what they see and perceive. Gone are the days when you could just spoon feed the world with anything you wanted. The world is no more like the one shown in the Jim Carrey starrer 'The Truman Show'. Except for it's ending!

Men and Women nowadays go for reasons. Valid strong and logical reasons otherwise no matter how grand your Barney Stinson is...the story won't stand. Now let's get back to the topic of whip-lashing Robin. 

Robin. The beautiful angel faced girl who wore a bottle green high neck tee and took a certain Ted Mosby's heart in an instant is the real villain here, and yes the main concern too. To sum up about Madam Scherbatsky, all we can say is; she's a magnificent, self-dependent(read:selfish) woman who lands up having some of the best friends in the world in a completely new city with the dream of becoming a successful news reporter. She is fond of the very famous now, 'blue french horn' whenever it came to Ted yet she could not... let Barney go when it came to 'nobody asked from you' Patrice. 

She purposely remained aloof many a times, including her Canadian Pop Sensation days, about her own mother and quite recently during her sudden; discovery of love for Ted hours before her dream wedding!

Yeah, the same wedding that was shown for three months and broken up in a sentence! A round of applause for the writers. (And yet they say, 'Gunday' is the lowest rated Hindi movie! *Aaargh* )

Now going back to HIMYM, Robin's greatest advantage was her face. She was always an absolute stunner and that has made the story quite unpeaceful for both Ted and Barney. Lily was right when at the end she toasted, "The journey has not been easy..." 
Well, how would it, if you keep someone like her in the middle? 

Remember her co-anchor Don once rightly said that she slept with 2/3rd of her friends' group and he couldn't possibly see her if she went on hanging with them all the time? 

He was so right. This woman not only went from bad, to worse and worst relationships but have also significantly damaged others too...say, Victoria, Nora, Quinn, Jeanette etc etc. 
Every girl that ever passed paths with Ted or Barney(and were significant to the latter other than just sleeping) were destroyed by Robin's presence.....everytime

And what is her good deed? 

Her good deed was she disappeared thrice, or atleast tried(once, after her break-up with Ted she went to Argentina, another was when she disappeared, having an agenda with Ted again, and finally at the end after her divorce with Barney when Ted was about to get married to Tracey) from the show and the gang somehow had their limited span of nice days. 
I have always felt the group does to her more than she deserves, including Lily and Marshall.

This Robin amazingly thrives not only in a fiction tv sit-com but it equally does in all our lives. If you have a really close gang of friends,  you have a Robin in it. A person for whom everybody will feel something and who is eventually the cause for broken hearts and kinships. Sadly, if you can't figure out who the fuck is the Robin in your group, trust me then it's you. We may or may not come across one such species, but from time-to-time we may have the chances of becoming one. The question is, how do we stop ourselves from being the most attractive destruction? When one half of our mind enjoys it.

The thing is being Robin isn't always easy. I have read somewhere that Robin is one such person who's there somewhere in your life, will be around you, will make you fall in love foolishly and wisely both yet he/she will always remain unachievable. These people are the 'centre-of-attraction' in a small group of friends. They talk well, dress impeccably and look ravishing. It feels that there is absolutely nothing wrong with them, nothing at all. And every worthlessness is as if, in us. We feel like a nimcompoop

This is how hearts break and love fails. Robins are dooming and damning us with or without any fault of their own and many a times, like I mentioned previously we too switch places with them, from time to time doing exactly the same we have suffered. I just feel like the sessions of de-tanning and de-pigmentation we often do on us, we need to de-Robin ourselves as well. How? and When? is the question to delve deep.

Lemme ask you a few questions:
(AND THIS IS IRRESPECTIVE OF YOUR GENDER) 1.) Do you have crush on more than one friend in your gang knowing well that they feel equally and strongly for you too?

2.) Are you the apple of their eyes? Darling of the group? The one who always gets his way, even when not paying the checks at the restaurant? Like Penny in 'The Big Bang Theory'.

3.) Do your friends remember things about you more than yourself? (Like the first cup of cafe latte on the fifth week of August seven days after your birthday.)

4.) And lastly, do you sometimes feel that you are given more importance than you deserve? Do your friends come up to you for solutions? And do they even gossip about each other when others aren't around with YOU? 

If more than 3 answers come up as yes. Congratulations! You are-one-hell of a Robin.

This is exclusively for all those:
Listen up Robins, since you have turned out to be someone who gets to control majority of all the decisions yet complains and nags about nothing happening in life you know it's your time to "Un-Robin" yourself. The problem is, you may not want to. If you're the most important part of your social life and it's not just your assumption but the truth, I would suggest you to take a few steps away from that position and let someone else enjoy the place, for a while. It's sad to be Robin, guys and that's the cost of being one. In the television sit-com we see her, through so many stages of life; yet at the end she ends up being exactly what she was in the first season. Living alone with even more dogs. I mean, she gave up her marriage within five damn minutes because of her insatiable love for her job. Didn't we see too much of it already? How can someone not change at all after a decade?

This is why you need to un-Robin-ise yourself and not be an old hag with crappy, selfish ideologies which, when young sounds nice but absurd a decade later. 
The best thing for people like her, to do is allow others to have their seat every now and then so that along with their beauty and brains, their humility too can take pride. 

What happens during is, the Robins do not remain so stubborn to stick to their plans and morals and eventually the balance of nature is established once again. I have read somewhere that every human being changes after every 10 years, be it their life or their priorities and if it hasn't for you, sadly you're a big Robin and that is not at all some kind of achievement. I believe that had I been in her place, I would not have let Barney go. The fault is his too but I would have at-least did whatever I could to mend my marriage. What will Ted get anyways after going back to her? Leave his teenage kids behind in order to tour with their aunt-Robin? How come someone so beautiful turn out to be the most ruthless of all? Isn't it unfair? Or maybe it's the price one has to pay to be someone like that? For everyone who believes they are somewhat fitting to this category should start thinking about disposing the Robin factor away. For you may NOT want to be someone who's a complete stunner now but a pitiful sight for all later on. Keep all the good things she had but certainly not the decisions she took every now and then....the lives she spoiled, the dreams she broke and the mistakes she made.
And the ones who aren't her? Well...you may become one soon, who knows? Be ready to read my blog and revisit HIMYM then.

Anyways, I'm still pissed about 'Gunday's; IMDb review. It's a shitty situation and there's nothing doing about it.

Rini Ghosh.

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