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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

For Dad.

"A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step." - Lao Tzu.

Ever since I started Fashion Blogging, I dreamed of making an official announcement to the world. I wanted to share how like many other bloggers I too put a great amount of hard work behind each article and how I would like to take LSF to a spectacular level of success in the near future. Of course, it wasn't easy. You know, when you plan to do something like this, it literally takes a lot out of you and my team and I were completely clueless regarding how and where to proceed with the idea.

But like they say, if you keep your mind on something for long, the universe conspires to make it happen. And yes, cheesy as it may sound, after overcoming one obstacle after another; we finally did it.
Team LSF came together and created an evening which was not only one of a kind but also and...this is important...the very first in Calcutta. 
Today I'd like to share a glimpse of the Official Website Launch of "Love, Sex and Fashion" held on 24th February '16 at Story Bookstore, Elgin Road, Calcutta with Parno Mittra (she happens to be one of the extremely and most talented actresses in Tollywood) as the Chief Guest for the evening.

Let's scroll.....

For the launch, I decided to go for this classy and diva-like gown that I purchased last year (but didn't get a chance to wear yet) from a Boutique Shop based in Bombay known as - The Closet of Happiness. 
The beauty of the gown lies in it's all over combination of net and lace aided by a plunging V-line back with a subtle boat-neck in front. This dress I feel is amazing because of the way it has been designed. Once you wear it, you'll feel like wearing two dresses. On the inside there is this off-shoulder LBD that reaches till the thighs and on top of it is the delicate lace detail that makes the simple LBD so damn glamourous. But it is light, delicate and effortlessly easy to carry.
Along with the dress I just wore a stone ring with matching diamond stud-earrings and believe me, that was more than enough. 
The Matte Red Lipstick, accompanied by False Lashes and Ironed Hair helped in completing the rest of the look. 

Now let's see what the Chief Guest donned.

Our Chief Guest, Ms. Mittra, much to my surprise came in the exact opposite colour. She wore a simple White Asymmetrical Maxi-Top along with Dyed Denims. What I liked about her look the most is the her long, dangling Chandelier Gold earcuffs that not only matched with her hair but also gave the casual top a beautiful yet admirably easy sense of sophistication.
Not to forget her nude stilletoes, which added rest of the oomph-factor.

Since this post is more of a walk down the memory lane, I'd leave all the fashion blogging right here.

 Below you'll find a few moments captured from that wonderful evening. 
Hope you'll like them:

A small glimpse at the room full of journalists. I thank all of them for coming.

We decided to go for a cake-cutting ceremony too. You know, to add even more sweetness to the evening.

Yeah, then we posed endlessly for the cameras. It was good. 
Paparazzi is as good as pizza, minus the calories.

Officially unveiling LSF to the world.

When the LSF video was played right after Parno cut the ribbon!
Psst. You can watch it in the 'Videos' tab right beside the Home button on the top left corner of the screen.

This is what they call correct timing I guess. Lmao.

With Photographer And Founder of Join The Dots - Argha Das.

With Rahul Pyne, founder of the brand - Subhadra.

 The Cake-Cutting Ceremony - Unplugged. This time with the photographers.
I wonder who took this picture though.

With LSF's official photographer and founder of Neo Studios - Saptaswa Basu.

A journey, no matter how long or short begins with a small, unsure baby step. And it gives me immense happiness and pride to say that LSF's journey too has begun. 
Hope it becomes a long, passionate, adventurous and yes, an extremely successful one!
Till then, keep it stylish and Stay blessed. 

Photography - Gautam Das Sharma, Rajib Mukherjee, Sudipto Chanda, Abir Dutta and others.

Love, Rini.

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