The Woman in Black

Friday, October 09, 2015

"Think like a Queen.
A Queen is not afraid to fail.
Failure is another steppingstone to greatness." - Oprah.

There is something about a long, black dress that makes a girl look mysterious, enigmatic and amazingly sinister. 
It is a proven fact that girls love black! (I guess, even men do too.)
Infact, give us anything to wear in that damn shade and we're good to go. 
And when you top it with something that weighs nearly half of your own body weight, the dress ends up possessing your entire existence yet at the same time acknowledges your secret wish to stand up and dare to become the 'Leading Lady' of your own life. 
Or as Lady Gaga would say, make you walk down the street like a Fucking Star!!

Black is Beautiful, Adventurous and Vicious. 
You'll lose yourself in this colour, and find yourself there too.

A yet another collaboration with Subhadra. The dress is made out of just two kinds of fabric -
Hard Net and Pure Raw Silk. 
One of the signature styles of Pyne, with this gown I believe, he has simply outdone himself as he was able to make a near-perfect amalgamation of a quintessential French Corset style top that falls like a peplum at the waist and uses the typical but not so clichéd Heart-Shape plunging bustier with a huge flare at the bottom that makes you feel like a Princess. A Bad, Wicked Spoiled Princess.
Kinda like the Evil Step-Sisters of Cinderella, whom you secretly approve.
Or maybe in the likes of Cersei Lannister or my personal favourite, Natalie Dormer's career-defining character, Margaery Tyrell.
This one is a "stop, stare and bring empires down for the woman" kind of a gown.

The designer went into a complete zero-accessory mode just giving me a huge red-artificial flower that looks somewhat like a cross between Chrysanthemum and Dahlia and also got rid of my heels which weren't even visible. Hence, making the look quite raw and au naturel.
He experimented with round sunglasses as a second look in some of the snaps, and that ended up making me look like a complete Bad-ass! Lol.

Bonus Look -

You might wonder why I chose to separate this particular look from the rest of the pictures. Right? I think this picture has something so forbidding and menacing about itself that it actually pulls you towards it.
Just a tiny change in retouch and the black not only looks even more appetizing but also catastrophic at the same time.
Black is one shade that empowers you, engulfs you and devours you till there's none of you left anymore. It is so delectable that you would rather surrender yourself than stay hopelessly with the rest of the mundane and vanilla colours.

Black Gown - Subhadra by Rahul Pyne
Make up and Hair - Tina Mukherjee and Naseeb Hossain (Navya - We Know You Better)
Round Sunglasses - Stylist's Own
Photography & Edit - Saptaswa Basu and Argha Das (Neo Studios and Join The Dots)

- Rini.

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