Lavie - Don't just own it. Wear it!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Just like every other girl, I'm an obsessed freak when it comes to collecting Watches, Shoes and of course, Bags. 
Actually, in my case, being 'obsessed' is quite an understatement.
 I ship bags just as much as Ross loves Rachel. And hence, you can very well say that bags, and not boys are my 'lobsters!!" Lol.

Anyways, today's blog is about my very first and recent purchase of a beautiful Blue Shoulder-slash-Sling Bag from the house of Lavie.
As you know, Lavie is a 'high-fashion lifestyle brand that make products for young generation women who are multi faceted and successful, independent and vivacious.' 
A much coveted buy, I couldn't wait more than a week to share my experience with the super-talked-about brand of accessories with you.
After all, Fickle is Fun, isn't it?

However, unlike many other posts, I did not dress up too much for this one. 
Since today's main priority is on what I'm carrying more than what I'm sporting, 
I came up with three distinctly different looks that not only go exceptionally well with the bag 
but are also breezy and vibrant at the same time.

The looks that I've jotted down are  
everyday/college girl kinda appearances and I hope by the time you reach the end of the post, you'll have a clear picture of how well you can wear your Lavie more than your other satchels. 

Let's begin to scroll....

LOOK 1.) 

In the First Look, I wore my Red Cape from Honey like a top as I tied it tight into a knot at one side of my waist after wrapping it up carefully so that it served as a 'body-con tee'. 
The Black Jeans and the Gold and Black Necklace helped in building the look as my Playboy watch just accomplished it right up. 
The Lavie looked glamorous when contrasted with the red and black as the white border in between shone brightly making the bag look even more gorgeous. 
An ideal demeanour for hangouts during the day-time or afternoon, nothing can go wrong when you wear your Lavie just a little bit more than you wear your dress.   

LOOK 2.)

In this look, I let my cape loose for sometime before deciding to do away with it, completely! With a bright yellow off shoulder top, purple bordered round sunglasses and my favourite blue heels, this can very well be an evening/night look for both indoor and outdoor events where you can carry your bag so easily that it will feel like your second skin.
Just like the brand promises, the bag reflects the free and bold spirit of the 21st century young Indian women who's strong on her individuality and is high on life.

LOOK 3.)  


  In the Third Look, I decided to do a complete wardrobe makeover, going for a pretty, cotton sun-dress with subtle floral designs made out of lace at the bottom and raw silk stitched around the torso. 
The off-shoulder white dress made the Lavie look even more dynamic as the sweet-girl charm of the knee length frock mingled well with the overall look of the bag. 

This is my first purchase of the much-hyped Kareena Kapoor endorsed brand and I'd say I'm not disappointed. 
Made out of Faux Leather, this bag is worth every penny I have invested. 
The Lavie has one main inner compartment, one inner slip zip and one outer slip zip pocket.
With a single shoulder strap, it can be used both as a shoulder or sling-bag. 
 The branding's given in front while the flap across the mouth uses magnetic press button closure. 

Perfectly suitable for carrying iPads to Notebooks, the bag's big enough to hold an entire world of stuff which most women prefer. 
It's spacious, stylish and of course in vogue. 
When it comes to Lavie, the brand makes sure that you try something so different that it'll not only help you grab eyeballs but also fetch you a lot of compliments. 
The exquisite colour combination makes this bag suitable for everyday use as well as for special events. 
Moreover, the durability of the entire thing makes it convenient to use it under all circumstances and assures you of your purchase.
For all those who's crazy about Bags as much as I am, a Lavie like this is a must have in your wardrobe. 
It's pocket-friendly, attractive and will compliment every mood of yours like a true companion!

Look 1.)
Red Cape - Honey, Pantaloons.
Neck-piece - Love Shonas Collection, Instagram.
Watch - Playboy, Jabong.
Black Jeans - Metro Plaza, Kolkata.

Look 2.)
Yellow Off-Shoulder Top - Purple Blaze, Shreeram Arcade, Kolkata.
Round Sunglasses - Jabong.
Shoes - Nell.

Look 3.)
White and Black Dress - Honey.

Photo and Edit CourtesyNeo Studios

- Rini.

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