Love OR Mind?

Monday, September 09, 2013

As much as I love to write in my old unfinished exercise books, sometimes it's good to express one's own thought in an electronic device. Sometimes I do like my article to be perfect without any cuts and scratches just like a custom made pizza where you get to select your own toppings, cheese and even the bread and don't have to worry about the jalapenos that pollute your appetite. And although we all say loud, 'Perfect is boring' we cant help but think what perfection really is and what it can do to us, our lives and everything around us. The perfect car, the perfect spouse, the perfect school for your kids and sometimes the perfect way to have sex, and if anyone of us can achieve atleast one of the mentioned stuff I can bet a thousand dollars(or shall I say rupees) that our lives would be beyond our expectations.Tonight as I brag about things I have no control in I wonder how much perfect our minds are. The mind is the perfect machine, or should I say, the master that does all the tricks and makes the heart responsible for it. Like love, work, loneliness and even sex! While watching Sex and the City I cant help but think what is indeed so intoxicating about love that makes the world go round and round? The so called emotions, the men, the women and their complexities that makes and breaks the society. For instance, how much do we know about love? It's easier than Eighth grade Physics yet difficult than...what shall I say...Satisfying your partner??? 'Cause the very intangible word that keeps humanity 'somewhat' alive is capable enough to display one's mental wrinkles which is even more vulnerable than the physical ones and no amount of 'Olay' would hide it. 
I wouldn't lie 'cause i have been in love and even fallen out of it without any apparent fault of him(or even me). or maybe there was one, I choose to live in denial. When I see people around me I feel like asking them...have they experienced it? Ever? Or do they choose to live in denial too...just like I did about my break up. why is it so difficult for the human race to confront their psychological state? If you're bad in bed, your partner doesn't take much time to point it out loud. So can this be alarming that we would rather get naked in person than strip down our minds 'cause chances are higher that the master of our bodies a.k.a the brain may screw or get screwed with people around us? 
Human race is indeed dangerous! Because when we yell 'Polygamy is bad!!!' We instantly fantasize about the person with whom we would cheat our current partners. And although we may not be successful in doing that physically(always), the minds do that enough times to fuck the entire relationship.I knew it was my time to exit the guy I was dating when my brain conjured up images of somebody it wanted me to be with. My orgasms were real, cause it was gifted by a certain him and not the one who was doing me. 
And what did I say when it was supposedly over for me? "It's not your fault...neither mine. It's the distance that spoiled it. Sorry." I couldn't muster enough courage to say about my brain's hideous thoughts. 
Now the important question(atleast to me)would the same thing happen when and if I am with the love of my life? Will my brain be satisfied or will it continue to display its presentation of erotic images? Will love ever win over lust? A common survey told me every 6 out of 10 relationships succumb to lust over love. What happens to the other 4 remains a mystery. Will I come across something like the latter, and even if I do will  it stand the test of time or behave like the other 6 relationships?
It's crazy that the world we live in has given us so many things yet something as vital as companionship remains so hush-hush, so unexplored. And trust me, being a born romantic I can assure you one true fact that no amount of love stories, whether they be books or movies would comfort you when it comes to your life. Google can teach you a lot about sex. Wordsworth can teach you about love. Tonight, I wish there comes a person, someday ever, who teaches us how to stay in it and never let it go.
Rini Ghosh.

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